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CLEAR RIVERS - Litter Traps and all-inclusive approach for a plastic-free sea worldwide.

CLEAR RIVERS developed an all-inclusive approach to tackle plastic pollution in open waters worldwide.

The milestone of CLEAR RIVERS' approach is a cutting-edge device called Litter Trap able to retrieve marine litter from rivers and river mouths. CLEAR RIVERS' overall approach is then supported by the sustainable upcycle of plastics into valuable objects and the organization of cleanups and education programs to raise awareness on the plastic problem and its possible solutions.

CLEAR RIVERS' Litter Traps are passive, circular, cutting-edge devices suitable to catch plastic in rivers and canals. The Trap uses a passive way of catching plastic; in fact, its system does not require energy or human labor to function, but only uses natural forces such as the water current and the wind. Once the litter is trapped inside, it will not be able to “escape” even if the current changes direction, thanks to an innovative semi-closed door system. Neither the installment of the Trap nor its operation will cause any harm to the environment. In fact, CLEAR RIVERS designed openings in order to create escape routes for fish and other animals. Birds can also fly through the open part of the Trap. This is a great way to retrieve plastic litter without obstructing the pathways of aquatic organisms.

Successful ongoing projects in Rotterdam and Brussels have proven the functionality and overall effectiveness of the Litter Trap. CLEAR RIVERS keeps working on innovating and developing different types of Litter Trap, where dimensions, capacity, and costs change in order to be suitable for rivers and countries worldwide. The newest model of the Trap is the modular Litter Trap, LT5. This new design has of course the same effectiveness, but is improved on the following points:

  1. Improved esthetics: the Litter Trap looks more appealing. 2. Room for expression: the balustrade offers the opportunity to add logos or slogans. 3. More compact: the Litter Trap is a bit smaller. This is mainly to ship it easier overseas, but of course, this design will also fit most of the national waterways. With a length of 5,7 meters, a width of 2,3 m, and a height of 2 meters, this Litter Trap is more suitable to be shipped worldwide.

CLEAR RIVERS outlines the five elements of our all-inclusive approach to marine litter:
-Cleanups are organized to remove plastic litter from the river (shores) and to involve the local population and organizations.
-Litter Traps are installed in the Port of Rotterdam, the Port of Brussels, and in Ambon in Indonesia. CLEAR RIVERS is currently working on an international approach to retrieve marine litter from rivers before it reaches the seas and oceans.
-Education about plastic pollution, its causes, and possible solutions is given at all levels of the educational system. Our purpose is to prevent plastic pollution and to educate the next generations to resolve this issue within the next decade(s).
-Awareness is increased among the local population and organizations involving them into actions towards plastic-free rivers.
-Recycling gives new value to plastic litter and to prevent the plastics to be littered again. Durable new products are created with recycled plastics, such as our Litter Traps, a floating park, furniture, and building materials to improve the housing situation in less developed areas. Together this creates an overall all-inclusive approach to marine litter in the short and long term.


Ramon Knoester

Ramon Knoester - Founding Director
Addressing the plastic pollution in our seas and oceans, Ramon has become one of the professionals to approach this environmental disaster locally and effectively. Retrieving marine litter in ports and finding durable re-use of the plastic waste as building material for new floating nature landscapes. Initiating Recycled Park Rotterdam to capture plastic waste in the local harbor and preventing it from entering the North Sea.
Within CLEAR RIVERS, Ramon is fighting the further growth of marine litter in all possible ways with harbor cleanups, the use of passive litter traps, education and awareness programs, recycling floating debris, and the realization of valuable new products with the recycled plastics.

At the stand you will talk also with Caterina Corrado - International Relations Coordinator- and Elisabetta Prato -Online Media Specialist.

Ramon Knoester – Direttore e Fondatore
Ramon sta affrontando il problema dell'inquinamento da plastica nei nostri mari e oceani ed è diventato uno dei professionisti che si approcciano a questo disastro ambientale a livello locale con una strategia efficace. Per esempio, recuperando i rifiuti marini nei porti e riciclandoli in durevole materiale da costruzione per strutture galleggianti. Inoltre dando vita al Recycled Park a Rotterdam per catturare i rifiuti di plastica nel porto locale e impedire che entrino nel Mare del Nord. All'interno di CLEAR RIVERS, Ramon sta combattendo l'ulteriore aumento dei rifiuti marini in tutti i modi possibili con la pulizia dei porti, l'uso di trappole passive per rifiuti, programmi di educazione e consapevolezza, riciclo dei rifiuti e la realizzazione di nuovi prodotti circolari.

Presenzieranno allo stand anche Caterina Corrado - International Relations Coordinator- e Elisabetta Prato -Online Media Specialist.

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