Exhibitors 2020


At this time of particular difficulty where the hygiene of the environments is very important, we are committed to developing a product
in line with the NO COVID measures that the various DPCMs impose on us. Our sanitizing mat can be used to sanitize the soles of people's shoes without forcing a continuous sanitation of the environments.
It consists of a structure in which to place the feet and thanks to the presence of an underlying UV-C lamp, which is activated only in the presence of a person, the soles are sterilized. The lamp activates for a fixed time strictly necessary to ensure disinfection.
There are safety devices to prevent accidental activation, such as the simultaneous presence of shoes, weight sensors and a cover to prevent the escape of ultraviolet rays towards the eyes.
It is powered by the electricity network and can be controlled via smartphone to vary exposure times and make customizations, such as the release of a layer of Plexiglas under the heel in the case of women's shoes with thin heels.
The sufficient concentration of the rays is 3.7 mJ / cmq to inactivate and inhibit the virus by a factor of 1000 regardless of its concentration.


Fablab Algeri Marino

The Fablab Algeri Marino looks like a state-of-the-art laboratory, equipped with software, cards, electronic accessories, numerical control machines capable of working with different materials; in this environment, cared for in every minimum part, students, teachers, researchers and makers have found the necessary stimuli to learn and experiment, in an empirical way, challenging concepts of a scientific and social nature; growth, innovation, the exchange of techniques and knowledge are ensured not only for the school community in which it operates but is aimed at the entire surrounding area.
The Fablab Algeri Marino is, therefore, an excellent educational environment that knows how to stimulate learning through the innovation of teaching in which creativity, play and education blend with new manufacturing technologies!

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