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fablab In Classroom

fablab In Classroom

Construction And Implementation Of An Open-source 3d Printer For Educational Use


Classi IV A e B Meccanica Istituto Roncalli Sarrocchi Di Poggibonsi

The 4B and 4A Mechanics class of the Roncalli School of Higher Education is made up of 16 and 17 students. The composition of the class is homogeneous in terms of age, the children have more or less the same interests and attend sports associations or extra-curricular activities in their area of residence. The origin is extended to a large catchment area that goes from the Sienese to the Florentine Valdelsa in fact the children move by means of diversified transport to go to their school. It is a static class with a weak core of active and meaningful relationships between students. Students are aware of their lack of grouping skills but try to get the class moving again by helping each other. The class is tiring, repetitive but constantly looking for points of reference and affection by the class council. Despite an overall attitude of ostentatious superiority through which it disqualifies the interventions of the teachers, working with them helps ourselves to regain energy and awareness of our work, thus achieving our common goal: to give it breath and strength

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