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Il Cassonetto intelligente

Il Cassonetto intelligente

The smart dustbin is the result of a partnership between the IISS "Pacinotti" Institute of Taranto and the consultant company Comes SpA, it is currently being expanded as there is an agreement with the municipal administration of Taranto aimed at the implementation the use of the "ENGINEERED BINS" to start the new separate waste collection service.
The prototype is automated, made with recycled electromechanical components and is accessible to the citizen by means of an RFID card with which to be recognized by the supervision, monitoring, control and communication system, being able to deliver their waste and access the discounts provided by the municipality of residence. It employs an Arduino Mega microcontroller, equipped with additional boards, sensors and actuators necessary for the correct functioning of the intelligent dustbin capable of:
• Accept at source the direct separate disposal of wet fraction, glass, paper, metal, plastic and small WEEE waste;
• Compact the humid in order to reduce its volume;
• Separate the metals from the waste delivered as it is after shredding and subsequent scanning with an electromagnet in search of further metal elements;
• Recognize the recipient, by means of the QR code placed on the bags, linked to the RFID of his card in order to charge him any penalties in the collection (eg. Plastic pocketed instead of glass);
• Using an IR sensor to detect the presence of the hand of the handler on each pocket;
• Measure the PH in the wet leachate tank in order to monitor toxic / noxious or potentially explosive atmospheres;
• Using an IR detector to detect a possible fire and extinguish it with an automatic CO2 system;
• Notify the public health company for emptying (overflow alarm for wet and undifferentiated leachate);
• Trace the origin of the person conferring and the weight of the refusal conferred (historical reporting on DataBase).


IV Bau IISS Pacinotti di Taranto

We are a class of 22 students, with passion and dedication attend the electrical engineering and automation sector. Following a project carried out at school, in collaboration with the institution of our city, we present the intelligent bin, capable of recognizing the user and with various automatic systems to optimize waste recycling. We have put constant and consistent effort into achieving major organisational objectives, applying efficient team working and strategic thinking.

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