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Robot autonomi in medicina? come, dove e perché

Robot autonomi in medicina? come, dove e perché

The ALTAIR robotics laboratory of the University of Verona is involved, as a coordinator or as a partner, in many medical robotics projects that see the use of autonomous technologies to support and replace surgical and medical staff in the execution of diagnoses, interventions and therapies. These technologies can motivate an in-depth discussions both from a technical / scientific point of view as well as from an ethical, social and legal ones. In this stand we would like to illustrate the ongoing projects through the presentations by the researchers involved and encourage a discussion with the public on the technical, ethical and social aspects. The COVID-19 situation is also strongly motivating these scientific choices, aimed at allowing medical personnel to work in safe environments without overloading themselves with work.


Robotics Laboratory ALTAIR, Universita' di Verona

Paolo Fiorini is professor of robotics at the Unviersity fo Verona and he is the coordinator of the ARS and PROST projects, both funded by the European Commission through the ERC line of funding. He has been working in robotics in the past 40 years and he leading a group of about 20 researchers, post-doc and doctoral students at the University of Verona.

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