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Il Cobot Pallettizzatore INDEVA Cobotics

Il Cobot Pallettizzatore INDEVA Cobotics

The Cobot Palletizer Doosan with INDEVA Pallet Configurator:
allows to increase the production efficiency and grants the conformity of the finished pallet compared to what planned. No further checks of finished pallets are needed.
Safe, easily transportable, suitable for different working heights, plug & play, simple and fast task configuration, 3D Pallet configurator, user-friendly.
The INDEVA Pallet Configurator:
allows great flexibility of configuration of each pallet in an intuitive way
ensures the conformity of finished pallets to the planned configuration
guarantees the stability and safety of finished pallets


Scaglia Indeva S.p.A.

Since March 2019 is operational the new INDEVA COBOTICS division, completely dedicated to offer collaborative applications with Cobot Doosan and AGV INDEVA.
The inclusion in our product range of Cobot Doosan, of which we are distributors for the Italian market, is part of the natural extension of INDEVA products and services.
The INDEVA technology already embodied the concept of collaboration with our range of industrial manipulators and self-guided vehicles (AGV).
The new business is in tune with the company's vocation to offer technologically advanced products to alleviate human fatigue, improve ergonomics and work safety, while increasing productivity. INDEVA Cobotics offers collaborative systems based on Doosan collaborative robots and customized solutions integrated with automatic guided vehicles. The decision to enter into a partnership with the Korean multinational Doosan stems from the global quality of these products, which position themselves at the top of the industry worldwide for know-how, performance and reliability. It has always been Scaglia Indeva's specialty to offer load handling systems able to operate in shared environments with operators. Doosan cobots operate without problems close to the operators, without being confined in protected cells. Realizing actions within a shared space with people is a scenario that fits perfectly with the engineering and industrial vocation of Scaglia INDEVA.
We provide a complete collaborative application with different types of grippers that can vary from a mechanical gripper to one with suction cups.

Forty years of experience in the design of intelligent solutions with customized electronic control allows us to know well the needs of our customers also to define and implement cobotic interventions. To underline how the cobots we propose also ensure the highest safety standards for operators. Just like the other INDEVA solutions, collaborative applications with Doosan collaborative robots are not just simple catalog items but a targeted response to specific customer applications, capable of achieving high production efficiency objectives and ensuring a rapid return on investment.

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