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Un prototipo open source per la tracciabilità totale dell’olio extravergine di oliva

Un prototipo open source per la tracciabilità totale dell’olio extravergine di oliva

An open source prototype, realized within the project INFOLIVA funded by Mipaaf, that records the traceability information of extra virgin olive oil (OEVO) from the standing plant to the bottle has been developed and tested. UHF RFID tags were used to identify the individual plants and trays used for the transport after harvesting and QR-code tags on the bottles. Open source antennas have been created to read UHF RFID tags. The information along the entire OEVO production chain has been entered via an Android web app. The economic feasibility of implementing these technologies in the OEVO supply chain has also been estimated.



Corrado Costa, Federico Pallottino, Simona Violino, Simone Figorilli, Simone Vasta, Francesco Tocci, Giancarlo Imperi

Corrado Costa (male) is a Researcher biologist at CREA-IT (Engineering and agri-food transformation research center of CREA; Monterotondo, Italy) from 2010. He received the Italian Associate Professor habitation on Agricultural Engineering on 2017. From 2009 to 2013 he was vice-president of the section VII “Information and communication technologies” of the Italian Association of Agicultural Engineering (A.I.I.A.) and member of the European Society of Agricultural Engineers (EurAgEng), of the C.I.G.R. (International Commission of Agricultural Engineering) and of the CIGR Working Groups on Image Analysis and on Logistics. Scientific responsible of an operative unit of a European and an Italian project; Coordinator of one National project and WP leader of 5 national projects, collaborator in 5 international and more than 30 Italian projects. Editorial Board Member of 4 international journals and since 2006 reviewer for more than 50 international journals with IF. Winner of 4 prizes for his publications. He has 6 patents and is author or co-author of almost 300 publications among which 139 with Impact Factor (h-Index WoS = 31) mainly on Image analysis, sensors based applications, traceability and multivariate artificial intelligence modeling in the agriculture, fishery and forestry sectors.

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