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Omaggio a Penrose: progettare e costruire un kit per una tassellazione  aperiodica del piano

Omaggio a Penrose: progettare e costruire un kit per una tassellazione aperiodica del piano

How to make tiles (of two kinds only) to obtain an aperiodic plane tessellation (always different due to the multiple choices): from an idea of Roger Penrose, in 1974, a mathematician and new Nobel laureate in Physics for a pioneering work on black holes.
Using the software GeoGebra, I will show the geometric construction of Penrose’s tiles and how to produce an application to simulate the tessellation making.
An interdisciplinary educational activity: in a high school class how to project and construct the tiles using a numerical cutting machine.


Università degli Studi Roma Tre

Corrado Falcolini is Associate Professor in Mathematical Physics at Roma Tre University since the year 2000.
Main interests: stability in conservative and quasi-conservative Hamiltonian systems, analytical properties of multidimensional maps, perturbative series convergence, history and innovations in Mathematical teaching, applied mathematics to modelling point clouds in 3D surveys.
Visiting Professor at Princeton University and Texas University at Austin, has tought advanced courses in CIMPA-ICTP research schools at the University of the Philippines Dillman in Manila and the Kathmandu University at Dhulikhel in Nepal and plenary lecturer at the Salahaddin University at Erbil (Iraqi Kurdistan).
Curator of several exhibits at Genova Science Festival and Rome Mathematics Festival with the Laboratory www.formulas.it.
His paper A direct proof of a theorem by Kolmogorov, in collaboration with L. Chierchia, has been selected as Featured Review by the American Mathematical Society (96k:58193).

  Università degli Studi Roma Tre

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