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YAPE: Your Autonomous Pony Express

YAPE: Your Autonomous Pony Express

YAPE (Your Autonomous Pony Express) is a terrestrial drone designed to perform autonomous last mile deliveries. The project stems from the collaboration between Politecnico di Milano and e-Novia, a startup factory based in Milan. YAPE sensors suite enables it to perceive both the surrounding environment and its own motion, and to autonomously navigate complex and challenging environments. YAPE control pipeline is continuously evolving thanks to a R&D collaborative effort between YAPE srl and the mOVe research group within Politecnico di Milano, with the overarching goal of making it the reference in the ground delivery battlefield.


mOve Research Group (PoliMI), YAPE srl (spinoff PoliMI)

The mOve team is a researcher group based at the Department of Electronics, Computer Science and Bioengineering (DEIB, Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria), Politecnico di Milano. The activity of the mOve research team focuses on the design of control systems, data-based identification of black-box models, development of control-oriented dynamic models, and control-oriented analysis and digital filtering. These research areas are developed within the application realm of intra-vehicle and inter-vehicles electronic control systems. Over the year, the group has spun off several companies. Yape s.r.l is one of them. Founded in 2018, and part of the e-novia enterprises, the company is tasked with the industrialization, production and commercialization of Yape.

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