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Show Me

Show Me

The "Show Me" project promotes the artistic heritage of the Permanent Exibition of the Salone Satellite, through digital archiving of the works and the possibility of an innovative use of the Collection with QR codes.

The project included the following phases:

  1. Verification and updating of the product database

  2. Creation of digital descriptive cards of the products complete with images

  3. Creation of digital platform that will host the descriptive cards and allow the generation of QR codes. The QR codes are scanned by a third-party application that refers to a link to which all the data relating to the product are shown in a responsive format.

This part includes:

  • Implementation of the management platform

  • Creation of product presentation pages

  • Put into production

Subsequently, the system can be further implemented with the addition of the following phases:

  • iOS and Android app development

  • App publication in the stores


Fondazione ITS R. Messina

She's working for over twenty years in the sector of professional training from Vet educatione (after the eighth grade) to ITS Higher Technical Education.
She is able in the following skills: selection; counseling; training processes for the development of soft skills; planning and didactic evaluation processes with a focus on skills; executive coordination of funded projects; tutoring of training courses (continuous, permanent and specialization training).

She was born in Moscow, Russia, 28 years ago.
Teacher of digital prototyping, design thinking and history of design, she works in Higher Technical Education at the ITS Rosario Messina Foundation Lentate sul Seveso MB.
Degree in "Industrial Product Design" at the Politecnico di Milano

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