Exhibitors 2020

Beyond body limitations

Beyond body limitations

A virtual reality with the possibility to interact with objects is now possible thanks to our technologies (https://youtu.be/kfxFYejXE7s).
For what concerns rehabilitation and assistive applications, we present the robotic sixth finger (https://youtu.be/02Eu5cbdqGA), designed for people with hand limited mobility, and an exoskeleton for hand rehabilitation. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = QPTckZVBWOU)
Finally, we propose “No Face-Touch”, a smartwatch application designed to limit the number of times we touch our face and reduce the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 (https://youtu.be/_s43yMrh1JU).


Università di Siena

Domenico Prattichizzo is an Italian scientist with a strong and internationally recognized expertise in the fields of Haptics, Robotics and, Wearable technology. Prattichizzo, currently Professor in robotics at the University of Siena, has contributed and is particularly active in the fields of Haptics and Robotics with a special focus on Wearable technology, Human-robot interaction, Rehabilitation robotics, Virtual reality, Augmented Reality.

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