Exhibitors 2020

R1 “Your Personal Humanoid”

R1 “Your Personal Humanoid”

We will show the developments on R1, a cost-effective robot designed and built at the Italian Institute of Technology
We will show R1 in the role of a visitor guide. R1 will be able to provide basic information about the exhibitions, as well as additional information as the location of toilets, and security exits. The visitors can interact with the robot, asking for information on what they can see and where.
We will also show the development of robotics behaviors that can guarantee given specifications during the execution. Making the employment of service robots safer.


Humanoid Sensing and Perception & iCubTech

The Humanoid Sensing and Perception group studies algorithms and technologies that allow robots to sense the environment and react appropriately. Our strategy is to exploit the capability of robots to learn under human guidance or from the interaction with the environment by exploiting multiple sources of information (e.g. proprioception, vision, touch, and audition). Our activities focus on computer vision, tactile sensing, and the development of software technologies for seamless interaction of perception and action.

iCubTech is a group of technologists, engineers, and technicians, working on the design and development of humanoid robots and in particular iCub and R1. The development is driven by the continuous collaboration between the Facility and the IIT Research Lines working with iCub and R1.
iCubTech contributes to the dissemination of the iCub Technology, producing small batches of robots, developing SW for the platform, and exploiting the technology developed for humanoid robots in other fields of applications (i.e. industrial collaboration)

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