Exhibitors 2020



The project came about based on real peoples' needs: people with serious mobility disabilities , who moving about independently in electric wheelchairs will be able to recognize and avoid obstacles.The basic Idea was to use already low cost existing technology and to adapt it to the needs of the disabled person, imitating the sensors of the reversing of a car.There are several prototypes and these can be positioned under the wheelchair as required by the disabled person.An intelligent central system collects the data of the sensors in real time and according to an algorithm realized ad hoc , then sends it to a device which emits a signal or light or both to warn the user.In this way the user can avoid the obstacle or has the time to stop.The supports for the sensors have been modeled by Rhyno imitating the shape of jewellery and printed in 3D.


Fondazione I.T.S. Energia Ambiente ed Edilizia Sostenibile

Students from technical colleges “Smart factory and industry 4.0”, and “Smart city & clean energy management” studying at Fondazione Green
Each student holds a diploma coming from different fields of studies technical, surveying abd scientific grammar schools
SIM-PATIA Health residence for persons with severe or very serious motor disabilities in adulthood. It offers numerous services including the creation of prototypes aimed at improving the quality of life of people with fragility.
CAPORALI 2000 Company specialized in the marketing and maintenance of aids for the disabled and hospital equipment

STIIMA- CNR The Institute of Intelligent Industrial Technologies and Systems for Advanced Manufacturing
National Research Council of Italy aims at enhancing the competitiveness of the Manufacturing sector through the innovation of factories and production processes, valorizing knowledge and human capacity of innovation. It is also involved in rehabilitation and digital technologies for living environments in its Lecco premises.

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