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Strathosphereffect is an artistic space project that consists of sending a probe into the stratosphere, built for the occasion with a hot air balloon and a drone.
The probe, equipped with sensors and video cameras, contains software equipped with artificial intelligence capable of capturing external frequencies to switch them into sound and then generate an "astral" melody.
for Make Faire a video was created that describes the symphonic variations of the probe in orbit and an online SITE was created that contains videos, photos, 3d of the space between finction and reality, between science and art .. www.strathosphereffect. com


Donato Piccolo

Donato Piccolo
Rome 1976
His art investigates various natural and emotional phenomena, often using technological and mechanical tools to create his works. Through a thorough study of human cognitive faculties, Piccolo's art analyses the perceptive aspects of the natural world. His artwork investigates natural, physical, biological, and scientific phenomena which are the basis of living, employing their emotional aspect as a tool.
In order to induce such a peculiar resonance phenomenon , most of the artist's works combine two complementary and inseparable aspects: they are at the same time sculptures and machines, forms and processes. According to Donato Piccolo, this hybrid character constitutes the actual nature of «holistic art»: an art whose essential function is to explore "the incomprehensible mystery of the visible world".
Donato Piccolo is one of the most remarkable artists of his generation, both in Italy and on the international scene. His work has been exhibited in numerous national and international galleries and institutions. Among its main exhibitions include: Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Macro Museum, Rome, Italy, Stieglitz Museum in St Petersburg, Media Art Center, NY, USA, MAXXI Museum, Rome Italy , XIII Biennal of Habana, Cuba, Museum of Academy of Art, Hermitage in San Pietroburg, Russian; Museum of Cuba, Center Desarollo, Festival dei due Mondi (2009, 2016), Spoleto italia; Macro Museum Rome ; Foundation Francès, Senlis, France; Huyndai Beyond Museum, Seoul; Museum Biedermann, Donauschingen, Germany; Musma museum of Matera, Italy; Georg-Kolbe Museum, Berlin; international Venice Biennale (2011, 2016) ; Boghossian Foundation, Brussels, Belgium; Stadtgalerie Kiel; Space Gallery, Bratislava, Czech Rep.; MACUF, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Gas Natural Fenosa, Coruña; Centre Saint-Benin, Aosta; Festival of Two Worlds, , Spoleto, Italy ; Wood Street Gallery, Pittsburgh USA

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