Exhibitors 2021

Category "Maker Art"

Stephanie Dinkins

WhenWordsFail is a WebXR experience that creates space for the nonverbal expression of feelings bubbling just below the surface.


Hiba Ali

A conversation with Amazons customer-obsessed mascot, Peccy about working-class labour, surveillance and bubbles.

  H.04 (pav. H)

Bill Balaskas & Stop LAPD Spying Coalition

An algorithm describes an areas predicted crime rate on its historical average rate of crimes combined with recent trends. Exposing crime data as a social construct intended to contain, control and criminalise Black, brown and poor communities.

  H.D (pav. H)

Helena Nikonole

In Bird Language, artificial intelligence looks for patterns in bird sound to build a Universal Grammar of Bird Language, a metaphor for communication between nature and technology in which a human being is not necessary.

  H.B (pav. H)

Paolo Cirio

A series of photos composed of French police officers faces processed with Facial Recognition software commenting on the potential uses and misuses of Facial Recognition and AI by questioning the asymmetry of power at play.

  H.15 (pav. H)

Anna Ridler

Circadian Bloom is a screen-based visual clock that tells the time through flowers, inviting us to explore other, non-human ways of understanding time.

  H.12 (pav. H)

Kyriaki Goni

An imaginary encounter between astronomer Johann Friedrich Julius Schmidt (1825-1884) and neural network DeepMoon, both of which set out to count lunar craters.

  H.07 (pav. H)

Alessandro Giann

Due to the Image is a painting made by Alessandro Giann in collaboration with an AI called Vasari (from Giorgio Vasari, 1511-1574).

  H.02 (pav. H)

Entangled Others (Sofia Crespo x Feileacan McCormick)

Fantastic aquatic creatures generated by machine learning, hinting at the seemingly endless biodiversity of the natural world.

  H.14 (pav. H)

Nye Thompson

A digitally-reconstructed tour of the waters just off the British coastline created using Google Earth, INSULAE contemplates the impact of island geography on national identity and the artificiality of historical narratives.

  H.06 (pav. H)

Memo Akten

An artificial neural network looks out onto the world, and tries to make sense of what it is seeing. But it can only see through the filter of what it already knows. Just like us.

  H.10 (pav. H)

Mushon Zer-Aviv

Normalizi.ng is an experimental work exploring how machines come to define normal. What dangerous biases might machines inherit from us, its teachers?

  H.03 (pav. H)

Daniele Puppi

The work represents an electromagnetic storm towards the end of summer. The landscape, charged with mystery, emanates ambiguous and immeasurable forces.

  H.C (pav. H)

Numero Cromatico

An artwork that explores the possibility of a sustainable future and the coexistence between the natural and the artificial world.

  H.13 (pav. H)

Emilio Vavarella

The Other Shapes of Me is the result of my research into the origin and current applications of binary technology

  H.09 (pav. H)

Stephanie Hankey and Marek Tuszynski

Technologies of Hope is a curated collection of 100 data-driven, machine learning and AI enabled technologies around the world: developed, marketed and implemented to mitigate the pandemic and to help societies get back to normal.


Catherine DIgnazio, Lauren F. Klein, Marcia Diaz Agudelo

Data Feminism is a new way of thinking about data science and data ethicsone that is informed by intersectional feminist activism and critical thought - in order to imagine more ethical and equitable data practices.

  H.08 (pav. H)

Jake Elwes

Zizi - Queering the Dataset aims to tackle the lack of representation and diversity in the training datasets often used by facial recognition systems.

  H.05 (pav. H)

kapi (aka Filippo E. Paolini)

Sounds in space and fractured images merge, thus redefining the perceived reality as a function of a non-linear synaesthetic montage.

  H.E (pav. H)
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