Exhibitors 2021

Category "Universities "

Donato Politan, Irene Ventura, Ludovica Bigozzi, Roberto Ceccaroni.

"lombriCOMPOSTiera", the new community composter that is sustainable, biomimetic, educational and tecnological, that produces high quality compost.

Alessandra Di Giacomo

The proposed project involves visitors in the creation of a multifunctional promotional gadget

  D.05 (pav. D)

Massimo Barbaro, Silvia Loddo, Paolo Meloni, Marco Tanca, Riccardo Carboni, Francesco Marcato, Augusto Mura, Roberto Ruda

ACUADORI is an easy-to-use platform for water monitoring of vineyards based on novel wireless biosensors with no impact on farming activities.

Alma Mater Studiorum - Universit di Bologna

A space where knowledge blends, cultivating competences that help develop new entrepreneurial ideas: AlmaLabor is a Maker Space a prototyping laboratory for creating prototypes for your business idea, as well as a Co-working and training space.

Francesca Fiore

ApeLab is a mobile FabLab, an itinerant experimental laboratory for social innovation at the service of the local community. All set up on an Ape Car..pink!

Michelangelo Nigro , Monica Sileo, Domenico D. Bloisi, Francesco Pierri, Fabrizio Caccavale

Applications of collaborative robots based on artificial vision and machine learning for object manipulation, detection and grasping.

Prof.ssa Carmela Saturnino, Prof. Magnus Monn e dott.ssa Federica Giuzio

We show how phylogenetic analysis is useful for the initial screening of SARS-Cov-2 sequences to check for phylogenetic clusters.

Monitoraggio Ambiente Marino e Terrestre - Conservazione della Natura (MAGIAMARE - SIENA)

New deterrent devices to reduce interactions between sea turtles, dolphins and fisheries

LESIM Universit degli Studi del Sannio, STAKE Lab Universit del Molise, Regione Molise, DISC S.p.A., .ModaImpresa S.r.l., Consorzio Italia Cooperativa sociale

The ATTICUS project aims to realize a hardware and software system for monitoring non-invasive vitality and behavior of users.

  D.03 (pav. D)

Annalisa Santucci



Prof. Luca Maria Neri

New photonic system analyzing the lipid content in hematic cell membrane as an innovative diagnostic marker for several diseases

Prof. Carlo SANSONE; Prof. Gian Luca MARCIALIS; Prof. Donato IMPEDOVO; Prof.ssa Donatella CURTOTTI

This is a proposal that - exploiting an integrated interdisciplinary approach of computer engineering, law and psychology - aims to contrast the actions of bullying and cyberbullying, the last great challenges of modernity

Giovanni Colaneri, Mario Baioli

Winding machine for FDM filaments managing and trasfering

Michela Ceracchi

The prototype to explore the illusionary perspective space: chose your combination, take a photo of the result! Which one is better?

  D.04 (pav. D)

Renato Paciorri

The proposed device is based on an Arduino Mega connected to a sensor that measures the concentration of O3

Stefano Maria Mari, Luciano Teresi, Roberto Maieli, Antonio Budano

Do you want to specialize in artificial intelligence? come and visit us!

  C.04 (pav. C)

DHLab Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici - Roma Tre

How can ICT empower Humanities? One question, different answers for Archaeology, Geography, Italian Literature, Paleography, History, Art History and Philology.

Prof. Giorgio Dalpiaz

New multisensor system integrated in a mechanical drive for diagnostics/ prognostics of problems and end-of-life cycles

Sandra Chistolini, Sara Navarro Lalanda

The project invests in knowledge, creates multimedia educational products, gives opportunities to learn about the use of digital technology.

Elisa Gusai, Andrea Zedda, Salvatore Spanu, Giulia Baldazzi, Marco Caruso, Stefano Bertuletti, Andrea Pibiri, Marco Monticone, Andrea Cereatti, Danilo Pani.

DoMoMEA implements an innovative telemonitoring approach to guarantee a fair access to rehabilitation services to all patients.


Anti-glare safety device for motor vehicles. protects from the suns rays, from car headlights and the artificial lights

Laboratorio CG3HCI (Prof. Lucio Davide Spano)

Create your Virtual Reality environment configuring templates by inserting contents and defining how it works using rules.

  K.02 (pav. K)

Francesco Margheriti, Marco Chianura

Design and development of an eco-sustainable cosmetic products from waste materials and formulated with completely green and vegan excipients and manufacturing processes.

Prof. Michele Pinelli

New technologies of fluid machines and hydraulic components to be used in power transmissions that use eco-friendly fluids

Carmine Stefano Clemente, Daniele Davino, Immacolato Iannone, Vincenzo Paolo Loschiavo

Energy harvesting makes possible the feeding of wireless sensors where and when it is needed.

  D.06 (pav. D)

Camilla Gironi e Sara Muscolo

FLUID is a system of phygital interfaces for human-machine interaction in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

FabLab Poliba in collaborazione con MArTA

Fablab and museum experience for a haptical awareness of cultural heritage

Luciano Teresi

Interact with mathematics and create art: challenge yourself with IMAGINARY!

  C.04 (pav. C)

Domenico Daniele Bloisi in collaborazione con Multipartner spa

We are working on innovative methods to remove sensitive information from both implicit and explicit data in digital documents.

  D.11 (pav. D)

Prof.ssa Simonetta Pancaldi

Phytodepuration plant which, by means of autochthonous microalgae, reduces the nitrogen and phosphorus load of waste water


Our research aims to improve human-robot collaboration using new technologies such as augmented reality and human motion tracking.

Responsabili: Ilaria Giannetti, Andrea Micheletti - Team: Alessia Bisconti, Gabriele Mattei, Alessia Terrezza

Lasercut origami structures is a multidisciplinary research and educational project dedicated to the 'file to factory' design of origami structures.

  D.12 (pav. D)

Adriana Postiglione, Ilaria De Angelis

What is gravity? How do planets, stars and galaxies move in the Universe? Lets find it out together!

  C.04 (pav. C)

Prof. Emiliano Mucchi

Gymnastic exercise machine for people with motor difficulties and reduced walking ability

Universit dell'Aquila - Leonardo Guidoni, Alice Lemmo, Davide Ubaldi, Silvia Baccaro, Antonella Malatesta

A real videogame to learn Math by playing. It is suitable for kids (7-13) and their innovative teachers.

  K.12 (pav. K)

Massimo Squillante, Vincenza Esposito, Gerarda Fattoruso

The aim of the project is to build a methodological prototype suitable to manage the quality control of production processes and organizational structure of production processes


Discover the relations between the actors of oxidative-stress related system and the dietary and lifestyle habits that affect its equilibrium

  D.18 (pav. D)

Donato Abruzzese, Alessandro Tiero, Andrea Micheletti, Srey Mom Vuth, Pier Luigi Abiuso, Carlo Marocchini, Davide Bracale, Piera Cammarano, Mauro Di Giulio, Sara Ferrari, Gian Marco Grizzi

A system for permanent real-time wireless monitoring of the stress state in structural elements of new and existing buildings

Annalisa Di Bernardino, Valeria Jennings, Giacomo Dell'Omo, Enrico Cadau, Marco Cacciani

Development of low-cost microsensors for real-time meteorological and air quality monitoring.

M.Uras, R.Cossu, E.Ferrara, L.Atzori

PMA solution uses the radio fingerprint emitted by digital devices during daily activities to understand how we move, what attracts our attention and how we socialize.

  K.02 (pav. K)

Gianfranco Romanazzi (project Coordinator), Antonio Ippolito (RU leader UNIBA), Davide Spadaro (RU leader UNITO)

StopMedWaste reduces loss and waste of fresh fruit, vegetables and aromatic plants by physical means, natural substances and biocontrol agents

Francesco Tommasino, Chiara La Tessa, Emanuele Scifoni, Marco Schwarz, Stefano Lorentini, Matteo Perini, Giorgio Cartechini, Remo Cristoforetti, Andrea Eccel

The primary objective of the project is to implement objects made with Additive Manufacturing and 3D-printing in a clinical and research context.

Gabriella Lima

The research focuses on the perception of the materials used for the design of the surfaces, made with biomaterial

  D.02 (pav. D)

Sabina Bigi

The LIFE RESPIRE project has created an economical and ecological solution for the real-time measurement of radon concentrations

Elisa Nicolia

By imitating the hygromechanical properties of pine cones that react to the change of humidity in the air, this experiment makes use of 4D printing for the programming of natural hygromorphic compounds: the transformation of these modules is integrally integrated into the printed architecture thanks to the control and the design of the printing direction and the manufacturing and assembly method of wood (active layer) and fiberglass (passive layer). This experimentation envisages a potential application in the architectural field for membranes and roofing systems

Lorenzo Lovaglio

The Sapienza Flight Team was born with the aim of designing, developing and building remotely piloted aircraft (UAV)

  D.07 (pav. D)

Valerio Lomanno

Presentation of some rocket models and slides about team projects, including some renderings and blueprints of a hybrid engine and various rocket components

  D.07 (pav. D)

Alexander Pontecorvi

Construction of a probe that is launched by a rocket at about 700 meters above sea level and then proceeds with a controlled descent

  D.07 (pav. D)

Natascia Kurek

Design and build robotic systems similar to those used for space exploration

  D.07 (pav. D)
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