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Paper Airplane World Record

Paper Airplane World Record

John Collins, The Paper Airplane Guy, Guinness World Record Holder teaches you how to make and fly his world record paper airplane. See planes circle back, flip over and fly back upside down, flap their wings, spin, tumble, and ride waves of air-- seemingly forever (actual forever may vary).

John has appeared on Conan, Nat Geo, CNN, Disney, Hallmark, Discovery, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, and many more television outlets. He is an award winning keynote speaker as well as Ted Talk participant. John has spoken at Google Zeitgeist, WIRED 25, SalesForce, Harvard's Graduate School of Design, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, as well as prestigious companies: Sony, Mattel, Genentech, Intuit, Scaled Composites, United Airlines, and Boeing.

John's world record paper airplane will soon be displayed in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.

Paper Airplane World Record

John M Collins a.k.a. The Paper Airplane Guy, Guinness World Record Holder for Paper Airplane Distance

John broke the world record for paper aircraft distance in 2012; a record he still holds. Author of four books of original designs, John has been called the worlds foremost expert on paper airplanes. His planes are recognized around the globe, and one was featured in the movie Paper Planes. His books have been translated into German, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. His designs are routinely found at the Red Bull Paper Wings World Finals.

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum will be inducting Johns aerodynamically unique, world record design, into the collection, as part of the reopening of the How Things Fly exhibit in 2022.

National Television:
Conan, TV-Globo (Brazil), NatGeo, Discovery, Science Channel, The Hallmark Channel, ESPN, NFL Network, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC. His most recent appearance on WIRED garnered more than 28 million views, becoming one of the top WIRED videos of all time.

Print media interest in Johns work includes:
Wall Street Journal, WIRED, Discovery, Make, Daily Mail (U.K.), The Straits Times (Singapore) and numerous local papers and websites.

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