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3DiTALY will illustrate to Maker Faire spectators the different solutions to obtain large 3D prints in 2021. A journey into materials and technologies that can lead to 1: 1 scale replicas of artefacts, statues, sculptures, sets for cinema and theater.
We can report dimensions and measurements, but it does not help to fully understand. For this we will bring concrete examples to Maker Faire.

There are many creatives and professionals who ask for large 3D prints, truthful and faithful to the original models. And they want the result to be achieved in the order of a week, not months.
Often with post-production on the surface, galvanizing or painting.
3DiTALY has therefore developed a 3D printing facility capable of operating on a large scale.

3DiTALY therefore guarantees companies and public bodies access to large-scale 3D printing of sculptural parts, scenographic components and artistic reproductions. 3D printing can be used in sectors such as cinema, manufacturing industry.

We will be able to answer many of the public's questions on the subject:
How does large-scale 3D printing work?
What materials can be used in large-scale 3D printing?
Can the materials be combined?
Is the quality of your 3D print good?
Is the product ready immediately after the printing process?
Is large-scale printing associated with very high costs?

From an application point of view, the audience will understand that it is now possible to print anything from props to statues.



3DiTALY was the first company in Italy to create a store network of 3d printing services.
We are currently a leading brand in Italy, focused on digital manufacturing, with 6 locations across the country. Our services: rapid prototyping, series production, 3D scanning and modeling, software and hardware 4.0 sales, sales supply, research and development for companies, technical assistance, training.

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