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Robot umanoide Uranus

Robot umanoide Uranus

Uranus was created as a project to overcome the limit of 60 cm in height of previous projects. Beyond the size, there are also interesting innovations with the new Callista motherboard, based on an architecture with two levels of intelligence:

  • the low level based on an 8 bit microcontroller that manages and servo and interpolates the movements

  • An Up Board that manages high level tasks
    On the mechanical level it has 22 degrees of, the 60kgcm servomotors handle all the rules, excluding the neck, which has smaller servos. In addition to the two degrees of freedom of the hip, the bust is interesting which also has two degrees of freedom, namely inclination and rotation.

Robot umanoide Uranus

Elettra Robotics Lab

Elettra Robotics Lab is a nonprofit association, founded by a group of makers, with the aim of promoting robotics as a fun, work andstudy. For this purpose, he works with several companies and schools.

  K.05 (pav. K) - Elettra Robotics Lab

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