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Robot polifunzionale Lambda

Robot polifunzionale Lambda

Lambda is a service robotics project, the aim is to have a robot that knows how to move in the home. The movement is fluid and ensured by a 4-motor drive with omnidirectional wheels. The robot is equipped with a utility manipulator arm. The robot measures approximately 80 cm. The architecture of the electronic system is based on three boards:

  • servo board, to control the movement of the arm

  • motor board, to realize omnidirectional movement and manage low level sensors

  • RaspBerry to coordinate the general functions of the robot.

Robot polifunzionale Lambda

Elettra Robotics Lab

Elettra Robotics Lab is a nonprofit association, founded by a group of makers, with the aim of promoting robotics as a fun, work andstudy. For this purpose, he works with several companies and schools.

  K.05 (pav. K) - Elettra Robotics Lab

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