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"lombriCOMPOSTiera", a giant earthworm hungry for organic waste that breaks with the classic canons

"lombriCOMPOSTiera" is a new idea of community composter that fits the concept of circular economy and agriculture 4.0. It is designed to be customized for private and public activities (condominiums and medium-large farms, schools, canteens, small municipalities), matching environmental benefits and enriching the soil with nutrients. The simple and modern design of lombriCOMPOSTiera recalls the shape of an earthworm and conveys the idea of the dynamism of the entire composting process. The sustainability and efficiency of the entire process are guaranteed by the high level of automation that can be fully managed remotely.
Particular attention has been paid to the choice of external materials, which are eco-sustainable and low-impacting, such as Cor-Ten and glass. Glass transparency of some portions of the external structure allows anyone who is intrigued to view the interior part of the composter. In this way, in addition to the primary activity of compost production, lombriCOMPOSTiera plays a dual role as it can be suitable for training and exerts a didactic role for citizens about the compost process and the benefits obtained by the use of such composter.
Compared to other available community composters, another innovation is the position of the main internal components. Indeed, the vertical structure of lombriCOMPOSTiera optimizes the energy used for handling the biomass during the entire process, this in turn, leading to a high energy use efficiency. In addition, the leachate produced from the biomass during the composting process is collected, in order to maintain the optimal composting parameters and minimize the environmental impact. The invention provides for easy and complete maintenance, through the lateral opening of both the skeleton and the chambers on the same side. In this way, the inspection of components no longer has the sole purpose of maintenance, but allows the structure to also become an open-air educational laboratory.

Donato Politan, Irene Ventura, Ludovica Bigozzi, Roberto Ceccaroni.

Our team is made up of four professionists from three distinct Italian regions, Tuscany, Umbria and Calabria. Donato Politan, doctor in Viticulture and Enology, Ludovica Bigozzi, doctors in Agricultural Sciences and Irene Ventura and Roberto Ceccaroni, doctors in Herbal Sciences. All the team members are currently enrolled in the master's degree course in "Agri-food Production and Management of Agroecosystems" at the University of Pisa. The team is currently developing their young start-up idea with the collaboration of two external professional figures (mechanical and software skills), and with the support of Dr. Marco Landi, a researcher of the University of Pisa who first challenged the idea of designing an innovative biocompostator. The project already won the fourth edition of the Contamination Lab (2021 edition) promoted by Pisa University which is dedicated to promote new innovative start-up from students ideas. The project won the competition challenging other nine high-level proposals including new projects related to superconductors, cosmetics, digitalization and editorial loyalty among others. To date, we are collaborating with the Technological Pole of Navacchio (Pisa), CNA of Pisa, Federmanager Toscana and TVLP of Silicon Valley, in order to prototype and patent the machine and set up our innovative start-up. The Maker Faire Rome is the first international event in which we have the pleasure of participating and it will be an exceptional opportunity for us to show our business project to the public.

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