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Remotino NANO

Remotino NANO

Do you also find it difficult to control your model railway having to remain at the console to control the various actions of the trains, instead of being able to move around it? You have found the solution: using an infrared remote control you can do all these things, being able to move easily.
The main possible actions are to decide the direction and speed of the train on the main line and to command four switches to decide which circuit the model train must pass.
The infrared remote control has been selected from a model with a non-standard TV coding, to avoid disturbances and interference with commercial equipment. Through it it is possible to control the position of 4 switches by means of the monostable action of 8 relays, and also it is possible to control the electric train, which works in direct current (LIMA series), modifying the PWM driver, and make it start and stop smoothly, something that is rarely seen in models, where the start and stop are rather abrupt, and very little real. Last but not least, a PC software made with Precessing is available, which works as a console, and allows you to see the status of the four switches, the on / off status of the motors, the speed and direction set for the ternino. As visible on my website (www.infrarossi.it), I also created an advanced version of the system, using a Controllino Mega module, a plc that is programmed with Arduino IDE. This always controls with the same IR remote controls, six different trains with the same PWM principle, and a considerable number of switches and other drives, monostable and bistable. I hope you like this idea and I am available to make other examples for interested hobbyists, or even to sell the project exclusively to interested companies.

We have 4 modes of work, that can be programmed at startup.

Mode A, 8 relais monostable (4 exchanges)
Mode B, 8 bistable ON/OFF (generic load)
Mode C - Relais 1, 2 bistable ON/OFF (generic load), RELE' 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 monostable (3 exchanges)
Mode D - RELE 1, 2, 3, 4 bistable ON/OFF (generic load), RELE' 5 6 7 8 monostable (2 exchanges)

To move the train, press MotorOn (GO button)

Afterwards with the up / down arrows you increase / decrease speed, or you reverse direction of travel.

Keys 1 to 8 operate the 8 relays in the selected mode: monostable (for exchanges) or bistable (for accessory on / off)

The 0 key makes a slow station-type stop

The keys A, B, C, D are preset speeds, equal to 25, 50, 75 and 100% of the speed. max, and act on the current direction of travel

If I am stopped, I press CH + active forward direction, then I press A slowly and automatically reaches 25% of the speed

If I am stopped, I press CH + active forward direction, then I press B slowly and automatically reaches 50% of the speed

If I am stopped, I press CH + active forward direction, then I press C slowly and automatically reaches 75% of the speed

If I am stopped, I press CH + active forward direction, then I press D slowly and automatically reaches 100% of the speed

If they are already moving, I press A, the train moves at 25% speed automatically.

The red power button immediately stops the train (emergency stop), removing power. It is also active during slow braking or when 4 preset speeds are reached.
remote button -> actions

0 -> slow stop to simulate a normal station stop
1 -> relay 1
2 -> relay 2
3 -> relay 3
4 -> relay 4
5 -> relay 5
6 -> relay 6
7 -> relay 7
8 -> relay 8
9 -> free
A -> 25% speed
B -> 50% speed
C -> 75% speed
D -> 100% speed
GO -> motor on
OFF -> immediate emergency stop, stop all autom.
CH + -> drive forward slowly if pressed (first motor on GO needed)
CH- -> backwards slowly if pressed (first motor on GO needed)
VOL + -> forward travel quickly if pressed (first motor on GO needed)
VOL- -> backward quickly if pressed (first motor on GO needed)
OK -> BOOST at 100% speed

Open source project link: https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/pautax/rail-road-model-ir-remote-control-remotino-nano-2fe777

The evolution of the project that controls 6 independent trains and various relays is also available on the website https://www.infrarossi.it/controllino-mega.asp

Remotino NANO

Luciano Pautasso

Graduated in telecommunications, electronic maintainer at Rai Radiotelevisione Italiana, electronic designer for Ferrari and Marelli Autronica, electronics hardware developer at Hexagon Metrology, and at end , Arduino Maker. A Patent pending for Ferrari F40. Radio amateur.

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