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EVO lamp

EVO lamp

EVO lamps are a design project born in the Makers Lab of The Spark creative Hub in Naples.
The geometries of these elements arise from computational design through which, in a digital environment, using algorithms, it was possible to simulate a process of generative growth. The output consists of a catalog of complex shapes that emerge stopping the evolution of the shape in precise moments.
The digital product was subsequently printed in 3d using PLA as a base material, a bioplastic derived from corn starch and mounted on a plexiglass base obtained with a laser cutter with the aim of obtaining a lamp.
The installation we are proposing for maker faire 2021 involves setting up the stand with 5 EVO lamps, a series of scaled elements to represent the generative growth and a video representative of the evolution.
The intent is to communicate the potential and approaches of digital and computational technologies in the field of design and to demonstrate their feasibility through digital fabrication.

EVO lamp

Michela Musto / Flavio Galdi - The Spark Creative Hub

Michela Musto
Architect and designer. Book eater, tireless traveler, curious about life and experimenter by vocation. Contract professor for the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli and previously at the University of Art of London. Her experience as a designer embraces the field of architecture, we recall her collaborations with international studios such as Foster + Partners of London and Massimo Pica Ciamarra, as well as that of fashion (Beijing Fashion Week) and digital manufacturing in which she it is specialized.

Flavio Galdi
Flavio Galdi is an architect specializing in computational design and fabrication
digital. He graduated in Naples in 2016 with a thesis on 3d printing of structural architectural components in concrete. He tutored these
themes in workshops for college students and craftsmen and participated as
exhibitor at design and art exhibitions. He is co-author of some scientific papers on parametric design and digital fabrication for design and architecture.

  J.T.17 (pav. J) - Michela Musto / Flavio Galdi - The Spark Creative Hub

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