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One persons trash is anothers black gold
Food waste in the UAE ranges from 38% to 55%, it is also a global challenge to reduce food waste as this would reflect positively on our society and the environment. Indeed, tackling this challenge is in alignment with over 9 SDGs goals.

Our product is divided into two main parts.

The bottom part is a container inside of which the organic trash is stored. Humidity and oxygen sensors monitor the state of the compost as it is developing, and the results are displayed on an LCD screen. A mixing blade placed at the bottom of the container rotates the compost as needed. Whenever the compost is ready, the user is alerted by a message on the LCD screen and the phone application.

The top part is the tray in which the pipes provided by the Eni Expo2020 installation are placed (re-purposed).
The main thicker pipe is the one in which the user places the organic trash for it to get to the compost pot.

The other pipes can be used in 3 different ways:
Firstly, the user can lift the tray, grab some compost, and place it in the pipes along with some plants to cultivate.

Secondly, The user has the option of simply adding water to those pipes then place fruits and vegetable roots to allow them to germinate before transferring them to the compost-filled pipes.

The last option is to immediately use the compost to plant seeds. The plants will be watered automatically by filling the extrusions on the pipe, the small holes will allow the plant to always absorb just the right amount of water.


The Working Bees

We are three hard-working, passionate young product designers who are thriving to make a change. We had the opportunity to take part and win the Braiding the Future DIDI Workshop. This competition stimulated interprofessional problem solving by envisioning and designing the future of the Eni installation created by Carlo Ratti Associati (CRA) for the Italian Pavilion at Expo Dubai. This is how our product came to life. We aimed at creating a positive impact on the environment, with material that would have otherwise been disregarded. In 4 days, we came up with WASTOLOGY.

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