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Plant Molecular Farming - Piante

Plant Molecular Farming - Piante "biofabbrica" di biofarmaceutici

The aim of the project is to develop a plant-based production system of antibodies and antigens for applications in the diagnostic or vaccine field that is cheaper, more sustainable, safer than current technologies based on the use of animal cell cultures and capable of satisfying national demand quickly, efficiently and at low costs, with investments considerably lower than those required for the set-up of traditional production systems.

Plant Molecular Farming - Piante

Laboratorio Biotecnologie, ENEA

The ENEA-biotechnology laboratory is focused on research, development and transfer activities in the fields of new biotechnologies for molecular diagnostics of agri-food productions: green biotech, red biotech and nano-biotech.

The lab research areas include the application of omic sciences to agri-food diagnostics and improvement of cultivated plants and plant-produced biopharmaceuticals and vaccines.

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