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Due to the Image

Due to the Image

Due to the Image is a painting made by Alessandro Giann in collaboration with an AI called Vasari (from Giorgio Vasari, 1511-1574). The AI has been programmed to emulate Giann's compositional processes.

The artist provides the AI with crucial inputs for the composition of the sketches, such as image size, color preferences, the amount of images to combine, and a variety of other possibilities that will be used to create the digital sketches that the artist will then select and paint in oil on canvas.

The software was conceived by the artist and was developed in 2020 by Unboolean.

Due to the Image

Alessandro Giann

Alessandro Giann (Rome 1989). In his research there are different types of works, both of a traditional nature and of a technological nature. In 2019 he has created a piece of artificial intelligence called VASARI, which can emulate his creative and conceptual process and can assist him in composing sketches. He has exhibited his works in several institutions in Italy and abroad. Recent exhibitions include: Due to the Image, Postmasters Gallery (New York, USA); Ineffable Worlds, Tang Contemporary Art (Hong Kong); Transfiguration: leaving reality behind, Postmasters Gallery (New York, USA); II, Spaziomensa (Rome, Italy).

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