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Michele Bianco (interferentia srl), Prof Gian Luca Marcialis, Ricercatori Giulia Orr - Marco Micheletto - Andrea Panzino (UNICA)

Biometric Right Data Treatment is an innovative solution designed with advanced biometrics modules developed with artificial intelligence technics for having full management of digital informations sharing between a community of individuals registered with their biometrics data in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) EU 2016/679

Massimiliano Ferrante, Stefano Badessi, Paulo Sacramento, Sveinung Loekken

Bringing together local data, Earth Observation and Machine Learning to better quantify the quality of the air we breathe.

  J.1.26 (pav. J)

Project Red

Design of an autonomous rover according to Project Red: the working methodology, the software, the autonomous navigation and the prototype.

  K.09 (pav. K)

Anatole Deligant, Paulo Sacramento, Sveinung Loekken

Explore a 3D model of the ESA/ESRIN site in Virtual Reality, augmented with Air Quality data

  J.1.26 (pav. J)


We will explore the technology and applications used in ESA's Earth observation projects.

  A.09 (pav. A)

Rothaugen skole

A project that combines the traditional elements of Mathematics with the interactive elements of gaming.

Christian Ferracane

We are building a rocket capable of self-stabilizing (thrust vectoring control) through a specially designed and developed avionics system

Giorgia Lancione, Francesco Romanello, Luca Saraceno, Antonio Scotini, Giuseppe Zummo

In Quattro has developed an innovative Two-Phase advanced thermal management system for high power electronics for space and terrestrial applications.

  J.1.25 (pav. J)

Dmytro Khmara

My Sat Kit educational kit with functions of a real satellite.


Pierre Garbo

An innovative optical sensor embedded in devices to monitor human machine interactions without altering the user experience

  K.13 (pav. K)

John M Collins a.k.a. The Paper Airplane Guy, Guinness World Record Holder for Paper Airplane Distance

John Collins, Guinness World Record Holder, teaches you how to make and fly his world record paper airplane.


Davide Petenzi

Interested in space exploration? Amateur pocketqube prototype satellites made with love at home in Pinerolo Italy!

  F.02 (pav. F)

Lorenzo Lovaglio

The Sapienza Flight Team was born with the aim of designing, developing and building remotely piloted aircraft (UAV)

  D.07 (pav. D)

Valerio Lomanno

Presentation of some rocket models and slides about team projects, including some renderings and blueprints of a hybrid engine and various rocket components

  D.07 (pav. D)

Alexander Pontecorvi

Construction of a probe that is launched by a rocket at about 700 meters above sea level and then proceeds with a controlled descent

  D.07 (pav. D)

Natascia Kurek

Design and build robotic systems similar to those used for space exploration

  D.07 (pav. D)

Alessandro Cervelli

Cultural Association at the Sapienza University of Rome which organizes and promotes scientific conferences, publications of articles, workshops, projects, laboratories, inter-university competitions, social activities and much more

  D.07 (pav. D)

Scuderia Tor Vergata

Scuderia Tor Vergata is the official Formula SAE Team of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, based in Rome, Italy.

  J.1.19 (pav. J)

Claudio La Rosa e Cesare di Mauro

Artificial intelligence. IoT. Human Brain Simulation. Supercomputing. Overcoming Moore's law. All this in an innovative project!


Universal Space Connector allows satellites to be refueled with fuel and electricity.

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