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Stephanie Dinkins

WhenWordsFail is a WebXR experience that creates space for the nonverbal expression of feelings bubbling just below the surface.


Paolo Ginefra, Antonio Manuel Marulli, Alice Grossi, Giorgia Mira, Claudio Capurso, Fabrizio Di Carlo

A.R.A.C.H.N.E. is able to probe the soil, mapping and weeding the weeds to reuse them for soil mulching.

Hiba Ali

A conversation with Amazons customer-obsessed mascot, Peccy about working-class labour, surveillance and bubbles.

  H.04 (pav. H)

La classe 4Bi a.s. 2020/2021 dellIndirizzo Informatica e Telecomunicazione dell'IISS "E. Majorana" di Martina Franca (Ta), coordinata dal prof. Stefano Ignazzi

Monitor situations of violation of the distance between people, of the number in contingent environments, of the use of the mask, of the positioning during shows.


Fablab Algeri Marino

Artificial intelligence system for the predictive maintenance of an engine based on a card Arduino and Tensorflow.

Alessandro Nuara, CTO

Adcube optimizes marketers campaigns across several advertising channels on one Platform. Its Machine Learning algorithms support marketers in making decisions and automatize tasks that impact on their business, like budget and targeting optimization.

  B.25 (pav. B)

Team DigiLAB Volta - I.I.S. Alessandro Volta Frosinone

The Android called 'Brother', with autonomous decision-making abilities and interaction with the outside world based on event recognition through the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques. Brother is able to recognize the Italian sign language LIS by translating it into audio and Braille.

Gianpaolo Greco, Andrea Novati, Carlo Cavaliere

We use neural networks to identify plastic for far distance using drones

  J.2.02 (pav. J)

Michelangelo Nigro , Monica Sileo, Domenico D. Bloisi, Francesco Pierri, Fabrizio Caccavale

Applications of collaborative robots based on artificial vision and machine learning for object manipulation, detection and grasping.

Bill Balaskas & Stop LAPD Spying Coalition

An algorithm describes an areas predicted crime rate on its historical average rate of crimes combined with recent trends. Exposing crime data as a social construct intended to contain, control and criminalise Black, brown and poor communities.

  H.D (pav. H)

Stefano Di Persio, Luca Di Persio

BEYOOND is the first Italian cloud-based and multi-purpose platform for self-service AI for SMEs, offered in SaaS mode.

Michele Bianco (interferentia srl), Prof Gian Luca Marcialis, Ricercatori Giulia Orr - Marco Micheletto - Andrea Panzino (UNICA)

Biometric Right Data Treatment is an innovative solution designed with advanced biometrics modules developed with artificial intelligence technics for having full management of digital informations sharing between a community of individuals registered with their biometrics data in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) EU 2016/679

Helena Nikonole

In Bird Language, artificial intelligence looks for patterns in bird sound to build a Universal Grammar of Bird Language, a metaphor for communication between nature and technology in which a human being is not necessary.

  H.B (pav. H)

Emanuele La Rosa, Angelo Giuseppe Ruotolo

Blink is a project that allows a disabled quadriplegic to use the computer through the blink of his eyes.

  J.1.04 (pav. J)

Francesco Cencioni, Simone Cancelli, Lorenzo Parri, STIE srl

Building ML, Machine Learning and Business Analytics applied to home and building automation

Prof. Carlo SANSONE; Prof. Gian Luca MARCIALIS; Prof. Donato IMPEDOVO; Prof.ssa Donatella CURTOTTI

This is a proposal that - exploiting an integrated interdisciplinary approach of computer engineering, law and psychology - aims to contrast the actions of bullying and cyberbullying, the last great challenges of modernity

Paolo Cirio

A series of photos composed of French police officers faces processed with Facial Recognition software commenting on the potential uses and misuses of Facial Recognition and AI by questioning the asymmetry of power at play.

  H.15 (pav. H)

Anna Ridler

Circadian Bloom is a screen-based visual clock that tells the time through flowers, inviting us to explore other, non-human ways of understanding time.

  H.12 (pav. H)

Robotics Brain and Cognitive Science (RBCS) and COgNitive Architecture for Collaborative Technologies (CONTACT) units of IIT.

Can you beat a robot in a card game? Learn about human-robot interaction research and test yourself!

  B.10 (pav. B)

Massimiliano Ferrante, Stefano Badessi, Paulo Sacramento, Sveinung Loekken

Bringing together local data, Earth Observation and Machine Learning to better quantify the quality of the air we breathe.

  J.1.26 (pav. J)

Kyriaki Goni

An imaginary encounter between astronomer Johann Friedrich Julius Schmidt (1825-1884) and neural network DeepMoon, both of which set out to count lunar craters.

  H.07 (pav. H)

Mindshub APS

CyberOrto is a system that allows you to manage a small vegetable garden in autonomy. You decide, through an application, which vegetables to plant and will provide for their cultivation, alerting you when they are ready for harvest.

Stefano Maria Mari, Luciano Teresi, Roberto Maieli, Antonio Budano

Do you want to specialize in artificial intelligence? come and visit us!

  C.04 (pav. C)

Alessandro Giann

Due to the Image is a painting made by Alessandro Giann in collaboration with an AI called Vasari (from Giorgio Vasari, 1511-1574).

  H.02 (pav. H)


Upper limb 3D printed prosthesis driven by EMG signals and AI.

Entangled Others (Sofia Crespo x Feileacan McCormick)

Fantastic aquatic creatures generated by machine learning, hinting at the seemingly endless biodiversity of the natural world.

  H.14 (pav. H)

Andrea Fontanelli

ENDRIU is an autonomous modular mobile robot for sanitization using UV-C light and electrostatic air filtering.

  J.1.06 (pav. J)

Giovanni di Dio Bruno

Erwhi Hedgehog is a small open source ROS robot that is capable of SLAM and Vision AI.

Camilla Gironi e Sara Muscolo

FLUID is a system of phygital interfaces for human-machine interaction in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

Fabio Giovanni Pasquarella e Aldo Pasquale Pasquarella

The first Artificial Intelligence able to create ice cream recipes from scratch! Come and taste the future!

VILLAM (Anita Cal) e ARSHAKE (Elena Giulia Rossi)

It starts from the ground up, metaphorically but also materially. The project becomes the theatre for a transdisciplinary operation moving between the most radical agricultural practices and the most advanced technologies.


Hannah: a system for the automatic positioning and integrity control of the facial masks based on deep learning.

Claudio Cagnazzi

The SOF'up kit allows you to lift and move armchairs, sofas, sofa beds, storage beds and more by controlling everything with your voice

Domenico Daniele Bloisi in collaborazione con Multipartner spa

We are working on innovative methods to remove sensitive information from both implicit and explicit data in digital documents.

  D.11 (pav. D)

Nye Thompson

A digitally-reconstructed tour of the waters just off the British coastline created using Google Earth, INSULAE contemplates the impact of island geography on national identity and the artificiality of historical narratives.

  H.06 (pav. H)


Atos Intelligent Process Automation solutions combine Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation

  B.29 (pav. B)

Lorenzo Diomeda, Luigi Moretti & IntelliHearts Collaborators Team

Thanks to AI, we aim to democratize health technology, providing scientific accuracy to mobile and wearable devices.


Our research aims to improve human-robot collaboration using new technologies such as augmented reality and human motion tracking.

Memo Akten

An artificial neural network looks out onto the world, and tries to make sense of what it is seeing. But it can only see through the filter of what it already knows. Just like us.

  H.10 (pav. H)

Elettronica In

GreenPass Reader Stand alone to read the certificate without the intervention of a person.

Giacomo Bornino, Marco Chierici, Venet Osmani, Antonio Colangelo, Giuseppe Jurman

We exploit AI for early detection of complications in diabetic patients aiming at improving diabetics' health and treatment

  B.26 (pav. B)


Sensorised custom-made and 3D printed insoles for therapeutic monitoring of patients in real life.

  J.1.09 (pav. J)

The MEMEX consortium (9 partners from 6 countries in Europe)

Helping people socially fragile people integrating in the society with storytelling via an Augmented Reality app.

Alvaro Passeri

The mini Jungle Band is a mini orchestra of four elements: The fox plays the Mandolin The turtle plays the Xilophane The squirrel plays the flute The cobra plays the Harmonica

The robot animals play with the musical score in MIDI format.

  I.05 (pav. I)

Mushon Zer-Aviv

Normalizi.ng is an experimental work exploring how machines come to define normal. What dangerous biases might machines inherit from us, its teachers?

  H.03 (pav. H)

OBDA Systems

OBDM: state-of-the-art semantic solutions for enterprise data governance

  B.27 (pav. B)

Giuseppe Notarstefano, Ivano Notarnicola, Andrea Testa, Andrea Camisa, Guido Carnevale, Lorenzo Sforni

OPT4SMART goals: i) provide a theoretical framework to solve distributed optimization problems; ii) develop numerical optimization tools for cyber-physical networks

  B.02 (pav. B)

Donato Abruzzese, Alessandro Tiero, Andrea Micheletti, Srey Mom Vuth, Pier Luigi Abiuso, Carlo Marocchini, Davide Bracale, Piera Cammarano, Mauro Di Giulio, Sara Ferrari, Gian Marco Grizzi

A system for permanent real-time wireless monitoring of the stress state in structural elements of new and existing buildings

Fab Lab L'Aquila ETS

Feed both your feathered friends and your mind with this smart, connected and friendly bird feeder.

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