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La Bottega delle Idee - May

"The Game of Sevens" is a competition between two players who take it in turns to bring their pawns, with the help of a cart, from the starting position to where their opponent is.

  J.T.21 (pav. J)


Large 3D prints. Materials and technologies that can lead to 1: 1 scale replicas for cinema and manufacturing.

  E.07 (pav. E)

Alma Mater Studiorum - Universit di Bologna

A space where knowledge blends, cultivating competences that help develop new entrepreneurial ideas: AlmaLabor is a Maker Space a prototyping laboratory for creating prototypes for your business idea, as well as a Co-working and training space.


Three automatic musicians - bassist, drummer, glockenspiel players - will play with other automatic musical instruments and one "human" musician.

  I.01 (pav. I)

Fabrizio D'Eramo

ART-HOUSE CANDLE: creation of handmade wax objects, realized with antique methods and new technological machineries

paperPino (Giuseppe Civitarese)

From a sheet of paper to a marvelous machine: the fabulous world of paper automata

  J.T.12 (pav. J)

Inventor Felix Nate Boakye- founder of black brain robotics and mechanism project, supported by Javier costilla.

It is a scrap built, a handmade, it educates the audience and the Project will be attractive to the audience due to how it functions.

  K.07 (pav. K)

Ezia Bruno e Riccardo Bruno

Br Milano was born of two Italian brothers, Riccardo and Ezia Bruno. The brand is a combination of tradition and innovation.

Matteo Salini, Elisa Minari, Giovanni Bellino, Emma Manghi, Laura Boscaini, Pietro Ravanetti, Michelangelo Lefante, Anna Ghiretti, Luca Bocedi, Maddalena Moretti, Francesco Rodighiero, Daniele Khalousi

Solutions for inclusive tourist facilities: one Welcome Kit, ten customizable objects for esthetically and functionally-ready-to-host-everyone rooms.

VAHA - Virtual Architecture Handicraft Art

VAHA presents the works of digital craft born within the "Bottega Virtuale". The projects arise from listening to the needs of end users and above all from the cooperation of more professionalism.

Fondazione Mondo Digitale

Machine intelligence, cloud, additive manufacturing, big data Digital Made is a modular programme that aims to accelerate digital transformation in the fashion sector with the contribution of young men and women.

Massimo Proia, Maddalena Mariani, Antonella Della Bella

Filanda 4.0. A dialogue between tradition and innovation to rethink silk as a new "Made in Italy" excellence.

La Bottega delle Idee - May

Mechanical pinball machine in assembly box handmade with Leonardo da Vinci's gears

  J.T.21 (pav. J)

La Bottega delle Idee - May

Mechanical pinball machine for 4 simultaneous players hand made with Leonardo da Vinci gears.

  J.T.21 (pav. J)

La Bottega delle Idee - May

Mechanical pinball machine in assembly box handmade with Leonardo da Vinci's gears

  J.T.21 (pav. J)

Fabio Giovanni Pasquarella e Aldo Pasquale Pasquarella

The first Artificial Intelligence able to create ice cream recipes from scratch! Come and taste the future!

Proskurina Iryna

Welcome to the Steampunk world Iren Fox! All items are made from watch movements and treated with jewelry epoxy resin.

ITS moda Pescara

The Merlino 4.0 project involves the ancient Merlino wool mill in weaving on ancient looms of brand new jackard fabrics for total look companies starting from a design of the Zero Waste model, sustainable and fashionable, for a modern woman.

  J.2.16 (pav. J)

Riccardo Tesorini

This sound installation arises from the need to reflect the emotional disconnection we experience today due to the health emergency.

Collettivo di artisti Riscarti

Riscarti is a multidisciplinary artistic "container" for making waste materials useful goods, works of art and design: ethics and aesthetics of recycling to promote sustainable lifestyles.

Amleto Picerno Ceraso

The Advanced design for Architecture and Craft Specialization School trains young professionals able to combine tradition and innovation.

gli studenti della classe IV insieme al Prof. Fernando Rea

Educational prototype of an electric car made by the Sandro Pertini Professional Institute of Alatri using a DC motor / differential axis, batteries and photovoltaic panels

  J.2.11 (pav. J)

Daniele Vetrucci

A laboratory power supply with variable sinusoidal voltage 0-230V, variable frequency 2-100Hz and galvanic isulation!

  F.01 (pav. F)

Eben Burgoon

Watch, learn, and add your own art to a socially-built sculpture of Rome made of masking tape and imagination!

La Bottega delle Idee - May

Three musicians a pianist, a drummer and a double bass player who play their instruments thanks to a series of gears, cams and wires.

  J.T.21 (pav. J)

Stefano Converso

Architects and Designers to Hybridize waste sites and Fab Labs to build "design upcycling centers". The main concept is: Bring Your Waste, get your furniture!

La Bottega delle Idee - May

Wooden car with elastic propulsion using a "Lantern gear" by Leonardo da Vinci.

  J.T.21 (pav. J)
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