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The first eco-boat built by students with recycled materials to sail the Adriatica Sea in a non-competitive and crazy race.

  J.2.09 (pav. J)

4 APM -Isis Valdarno polo professionale Moda Industria e artigianato per il Made In Italy

The project aims to propose a capsule collection entirely made with Bio-Based fiber or Secon Life yarns.


Donato Politan, Irene Ventura, Ludovica Bigozzi, Roberto Ceccaroni.

"lombriCOMPOSTiera", the new community composter that is sustainable, biomimetic, educational and tecnological, that produces high quality compost.

Antonino ida

Algaria is a start-up that works in the direction of producing in circular mode, and exploit microalgae such as a sustainable ingredient

  J.S.18 (pav. J)

J. Liotti, F. Guzzo, P. Allegro, D. Mainieri

Production of food, feed and biopolymers from organic residue of various kinds with black soldier fly and spirulina

  J.S.05 (pav. J)

Annalisa Santucci




Industrial Hemp

  J.T.01 (pav. J)

Cecilia Gramiccia, Elena Gramiccia

Gluten Free and Organic Jerusalem artichoke chips, with no preservatives or added sugar. Excellent as snacks and aperitifs

Giovanni Colaneri, Mario Baioli

Winding machine for FDM filaments managing and trasfering

Elia Gasparolo

Connective tissue. Biotextile with Memory. Perfumes, textures and flavours today turned into skin. Fabric that connects and re-signifies the cycles.

Cubbit | M. Moschettini, S. Onofri, A. Cillario, L. Posani

Cubbit is Europe's first distributed cloud: its zero-knowledge technology protects your privacy 100%, while saving 40kg of CO2 per TB stored.

Tommaso Caligari, Giada Bausani, Zineb Kamal 4CA-1EB ITI OMAR NOVARA

We produced Cu2O nanoparticles to develop an artificial photosynthesis process to convert CO2 and water into methanol.

Mindshub APS

CyberOrto is a system that allows you to manage a small vegetable garden in autonomy. You decide, through an application, which vegetables to plant and will provide for their cultivation, alerting you when they are ready for harvest.

Silvio Potente - Luca Potente

Cycled transforms the only thing that pollutes in a bicycle: The Tire!

  J.T.09 (pav. J)

Francesco Margheriti, Marco Chianura

Design and development of an eco-sustainable cosmetic products from waste materials and formulated with completely green and vegan excipients and manufacturing processes.

Prof. Michele Pinelli

New technologies of fluid machines and hydraulic components to be used in power transmissions that use eco-friendly fluids

Massimo Proia, Maddalena Mariani, Antonella Della Bella

Filanda 4.0. A dialogue between tradition and innovation to rethink silk as a new "Made in Italy" excellence.

Virgilio Maretto

GIUSTA is a new Delivery platform that revolutionizes the logic of food delivery, with a well-defined positioning that aims to change the status quo relating to the ethics of commissions, protection of the rider, limited coverage of deliveries and quality of the food delivered. It proposes a sustainable, ethical and guaranteed digital food delivery model.

  J.S.26 (pav. J)

Dr.ssa Sara Panseri, Dr. Mauro Fontana, Dr. Massimo Revello, Prof. Roberto Lavecchia, Prof. Luca Chiesa and Prof. Antonio Zuorro

A green technology based on infrared treatment to improve safety and quality of milk and beverages via sustainable process

Makers ITIS Forl

IoT beehive that record temperature, weight and humidity with Arduino and send data to ThingSpeak with GPRS module

  J.S.23 (pav. J)

Prof. Antonio Zuorro, Dr. Alfredo Malomo, Dr. Rhoman Rossi, Prof. Roberto Lavecchia, Prof. Luca Chiesa and Dr.ssa Sara Panseri

Innovative technology based on combination of MAP and essential oil vapors for shelf-life management of high perishable foods

  J.S.24 (pav. J)


Komposta is an innovative kitchen hood that is able to cook food or transform food waste into compost by harnessing the heat produced by the stovetop.

Davide Piacentini, Andrea Casaroli e Lorenzo Anile

We delete CO2 through electrochemical processes, dividing it into carbon and oxygen, to reduce the problem of air pollution.

Alessandro Luzi


Gianfranco Romanazzi (project Coordinator), Antonio Ippolito (RU leader UNIBA), Davide Spadaro (RU leader UNITO)

StopMedWaste reduces loss and waste of fresh fruit, vegetables and aromatic plants by physical means, natural substances and biocontrol agents

Autore: Laura Gazza (CREA-IT, Roma) Collaboratori : Francesca Nocente e Alessandro Cammerata (CREA-IT, Roma)

The innovation was focused on the set up of an innovative technological process, based on micronization and air classification of partially debranned kernels, able to naturally increase the potential nutritional value of pasta.

  J.S.06 (pav. J)


Knowledge path in the field of biotechnology and bioeconomy, driver of sustainable territorial development through integrated and inclusive actions.

  J.S.04 (pav. J)

Elisa Nicolia

By imitating the hygromechanical properties of pine cones that react to the change of humidity in the air, this experiment makes use of 4D printing for the programming of natural hygromorphic compounds: the transformation of these modules is integrally integrated into the printed architecture thanks to the control and the design of the printing direction and the manufacturing and assembly method of wood (active layer) and fiberglass (passive layer). This experimentation envisages a potential application in the architectural field for membranes and roofing systems

Fondazione ITS BACT - Students of the Digital Travel Management course - Pablo Ramirez, Stefania De Sio

Multifunctional NFC digital charm to facilitate digitization and automate check-in and check-out processes, monitor your luggage during travel, make transactions, store travel documents and information verified and protected on the Blockchain. Everything safely within reach and Paper Waste Reduction.

  J.2.18 (pav. J)

Collettivo di artisti Riscarti

Riscarti is a multidisciplinary artistic "container" for making waste materials useful goods, works of art and design: ethics and aesthetics of recycling to promote sustainable lifestyles.

Michele Lotta, Francesca Radovcic, Francesca Colosso, Juliana Moura De Oliveira, Riccardo Lucheschi, Caterina Cheber, Letizia Deriu.

Fishermen, institutions and private organizations united for the health and monitoring of our sea.

Angelo Riccaboni

Siena Food Lab is a transfer technology and training project, which supports the agri-food sector, promoted by the MPS Foundation and Santa Chiara Lab

  J.S.21 (pav. J)


Metaproject of the urban area and the rainwater phyto-purification system for the resolution of hydrogeological instability and the creation of a natural park.

Prof. Donato Vincenzi

A charging station with high efficiency solar cells and plus energy for nighttime illumination

Angela Di Russo, Pamela Gaeta, Beatrice Papetti, Fabrizia Ferrara

We produce eco-sustainable, customizable bags for community tailoring that encourages integration, social cohesion of young people and women in difficulty.

Annamaria Gerardino (CNR IFN); Fabio Chiarello (CNR-IFN); Francesca R Bertani (CNR-IFN); Alessandro Nucara (Sapienza Universit di Roma); Marilena Carbone (Universit di Roma Tor Vergata)

The SpectraFood project involves the creation of a portable device that integrates multimodal spectroscopies for the characterization of the quality of food raw materials, such as grain and flours.

  J.S.15 (pav. J)

Emanuela Gatto, Raffaella Lettieri, Valentina Armuzza

SPlastica is an innovative material made from ORGANIC WASTE, it is completely biodegradable according with principles of the CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

Virgilio Maretto

The goal of this project is to enhance the product chain of the HQF Agricola company, offering the producers a traceability service for all products and narration of key contents to the consumer, based on innovative technologies, first of all the blockchain.


Dive in the underwater world with WSenses disruptive underwater wireless Internet technologies. Come at our stand to see divers chatting underwater, IoT systems to monitor the oceans, to explore the oceans with the eyes of an underwater robot, and much more

Stefano Converso

Architects and Designers to Hybridize waste sites and Fab Labs to build "design upcycling centers". The main concept is: Bring Your Waste, get your furniture!

Gian Paolo Leone, Daniele Pizzichini, Claudio Russo

Circular Bioeconomy - intelligent use of renewable bio-resources, wastes and by-products to obtain bio-based high added products.

  J.S.16 (pav. J)

Tommaso - Luca - Desiree - Daniele

RECO2 is a Cleantech startup that through a revolutionary production process based on the circular economy produces products for green building.

  J.T.13 (pav. J)

The Working Bees

Wastology is a product that allows you to repurpose organic waste by composting it in the comfort of your kitchen. The compost created from your daily organic trash is then used to nourish and grow the plants placed at the top of your Wastology compost pot. It is one concept aiming for a closed-loop.

Team WEEE Open

We are a student team of the Politecnico di Torino. We repair broken hardware and write and install open-source software.

  J.T.07 (pav. J)
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