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Large 3D prints. Materials and technologies that can lead to 1: 1 scale replicas for cinema and manufacturing.

  E.07 (pav. E)

NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti

Selection of projects made by NABA Design Area students, along with vintage videogames made by high-school students within academic workshops.

  D.08 (pav. D)

Fulvio Airaghi

A simple slider which aim is to create a low-price and high performance equipment, booth for professionals and simple lovers.

  I.07 (pav. I)

Alma Mater Studiorum - Universit di Bologna

A space where knowledge blends, cultivating competences that help develop new entrepreneurial ideas: AlmaLabor is a Maker Space a prototyping laboratory for creating prototypes for your business idea, as well as a Co-working and training space.


My new toilet seat for the disabled was created to give life to an inclusive and innovative project, it does not exist on the market.

  J.1.02 (pav. J)

Fabrizio D'Eramo

ART-HOUSE CANDLE: creation of handmade wax objects, realized with antique methods and new technological machineries

Giovanni Colaneri, Mario Baioli

Winding machine for FDM filaments managing and trasfering

Michela Ceracchi

The prototype to explore the illusionary perspective space: chose your combination, take a photo of the result! Which one is better?

  D.04 (pav. D)

Elia Gasparolo

Connective tissue. Biotextile with Memory. Perfumes, textures and flavours today turned into skin. Fabric that connects and re-signifies the cycles.

Searcode SRL

Coverride is a dynamic case that enables user to customize their smartphone design instantly with image, video and animated background.

Silvio Potente - Luca Potente

Cycled transforms the only thing that pollutes in a bicycle: The Tire!

  J.T.09 (pav. J)

VAHA - Virtual Architecture Handicraft Art

VAHA presents the works of digital craft born within the "Bottega Virtuale". The projects arise from listening to the needs of end users and above all from the cooperation of more professionalism.


Anti-glare safety device for motor vehicles. protects from the suns rays, from car headlights and the artificial lights

Small Giants

Enriched with insect flour, our snacks are mega tasty and packed with planet-positive protein. Ready to join this food revolution?

Giovanni di Dio Bruno

Erwhi Hedgehog is a small open source ROS robot that is capable of SLAM and Vision AI.

Michela Musto / Flavio Galdi - The Spark Creative Hub

The project consists of a catalog of complex forms that emerge from the freeze of generative growth in precise moments

  J.T.17 (pav. J)

Jellyfish Fab. by Lucas Zeer, Cristina Coronado Osornio and Yue Liu

A tiny alien goo that loves to dance and play, controlled by lights and electromagnets and powered by USB.


Wheelchair designed with brushless motors. Handy, practical, fun and ecological

Claudio Cagnazzi

The SOF'up kit allows you to lift and move armchairs, sofas, sofa beds, storage beds and more by controlling everything with your voice

Team H2politO

Passion, study, and looking to the future are the ingredients that allow us to design record-breaking consumption competition vehicles.

  J.1.17 (pav. J)


3D printer concepts - made with recycled and upcycled materials, with many innovations

FabLab Belluno - Michele D'amico, Lorenzo De Luca, Simone Klinkon

Easy-Task is a device that facilitates the creation of your drinks from simple juices up to cocktails

main author: Mario DEttorre, Armando Altieri, Roberto Seghini co-author: Mariarosaria Emanuele, Alessandro Morello - the IoT team @ TecnoStudio Ars Innova

A game similar to air hockey using smartphones or joystick like pads. The game can be muliplayer and easily portable

  F.04 (pav. F)

Making Open, Istituto M. Massimo: Becchetti, De Gregorio, Poletto, Topani

From a simple wooden table Build and drive a professional electric kart with your team in the Formula Xavier Grand Prix

main author: Roberto Seghini co-author: Armando Altieri, Mario DEttorre, Mariarosaria Emanuele, Alessandro Morello - the IoT team @ TecnoStudio Ars Innova

Portable Electronic Mini Lab for Makers - electronic development for makers make easy

  F.04 (pav. F)

My Frame FPV

My Frame FPV combines passion and skills to create elite products dedicated to the world of FPV drones.

  J.2.01 (pav. J)

main author: Mariarosaria Emanuele, Alessandro Morello co-author: Mario DEttorre, Armando Altieri, Roberto Seghini, - the IoT team @ TecnoStudio Ars Innova

Smart plug and power limiter easy to use: your lights will never go out again


SetTopBox that solves the problem of the television standard changing in 2021, by also offering the possibility of watching streaming contents via internet, with additional fuctions for the safety of the old people

  F.11 (pav. F)

Stefano Purchiaroni

The clock adopts an ultra-precision RTC (< 1 mn / year) and does not use the multiplexing technique, with an optimal lightning without compromises.

  F.07 (pav. F)

Giovanni di Dio Bruno

PoopBot is a robot that fuses technology, kawaii and fun for all!

Marco Bozzola

We bring professionally-engineered, upgradeable lighting hardware together with Open Source firmware and 3D-printable expansion kits. 100% Makers-friendly!

Luciano Pautasso

Arduino facilitates the control of a railroad model using an Infrared remote control.

Alessandro Guglietta

A medical device to easily automate at breath any pMDI inhaler with manual activation

Elisa Nicolia

By imitating the hygromechanical properties of pine cones that react to the change of humidity in the air, this experiment makes use of 4D printing for the programming of natural hygromorphic compounds: the transformation of these modules is integrally integrated into the printed architecture thanks to the control and the design of the printing direction and the manufacturing and assembly method of wood (active layer) and fiberglass (passive layer). This experimentation envisages a potential application in the architectural field for membranes and roofing systems

Fondazione ITS BACT - Students of the Digital Travel Management course - Pablo Ramirez, Stefania De Sio

Multifunctional NFC digital charm to facilitate digitization and automate check-in and check-out processes, monitor your luggage during travel, make transactions, store travel documents and information verified and protected on the Blockchain. Everything safely within reach and Paper Waste Reduction.

  J.2.18 (pav. J)

Collettivo di artisti Riscarti

Riscarti is a multidisciplinary artistic "container" for making waste materials useful goods, works of art and design: ethics and aesthetics of recycling to promote sustainable lifestyles.

Scuderia Tor Vergata

Scuderia Tor Vergata is the official Formula SAE Team of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, based in Rome, Italy.

  J.1.19 (pav. J)

Amleto Picerno Ceraso

The Advanced design for Architecture and Craft Specialization School trains young professionals able to combine tradition and innovation.

Riccio Giulio Giuseppe.

The shower chair that makes even inaccessible showers, accessible.

  J.1.10 (pav. J)

Vincenzo Iurilli, Nicol Chiarello, Marco La Barca, Nicola Cristofari, Michele Fabris, Battistella Michela, Paolo Fumene Feruglio

This project,a collaboration between ITS Meccatronico Veneto and EUROPRO (Autotrasporti Marcon), aims at developing an electronic device that enables liquid-food monitoring during transportation

  J.2.22 (pav. J)

main author: Mario DEttorre, Armando Altieri, Roberto Seghini co-author: Mariarosaria Emanuele, Alessandro Morello - the IoT team @ TecnoStudio Ars Innova

A challenge game between two players at the ends of an LED bar trying to drag a light segment

  F.04 (pav. F)

Stefano Purchiaroni

The device allows to test DIY radio controlled clocks, or to synchronize clocks in a domestic or job building in case of poor reception of the native DCF77 transmission

Lisa Salaris, Massimiliano Ceppi, Gabriele Saba, Dario Vucinic, Fabio Zanchetta, Lorenzo Elia, Mariavittoria Ghezzi

UniTS Racing Team is the official student's Formula SAE team that aims to develop and manufacture an electric racing car.

Giovanni di Dio Bruno

UP Raccoon is a ROS robot capable of AI and SLAM.

Stefano Converso

Architects and Designers to Hybridize waste sites and Fab Labs to build "design upcycling centers". The main concept is: Bring Your Waste, get your furniture!


My new toilet for the disabled was developed to give life to an inclusive and innovative project, it does not exist on the market.

  J.1.02 (pav. J)

Tommaso - Luca - Desiree - Daniele

RECO2 is a Cleantech startup that through a revolutionary production process based on the circular economy produces products for green building.

  J.T.13 (pav. J)

The Working Bees

Wastology is a product that allows you to repurpose organic waste by composting it in the comfort of your kitchen. The compost created from your daily organic trash is then used to nourish and grow the plants placed at the top of your Wastology compost pot. It is one concept aiming for a closed-loop.

Manuel Favaron, Riccardo Sassetti, Vittorio Stefanini, Simone Franceschetti, Mario Villano, Gabriele Pollastrini, Francesco D'Urso

WeCare aims at providing a sustainable, ride-by-ride sanitization for vehicles in a fast, automated and eco-friendly way. The validation allows expanding our scope to higher volumes as well.

  J.05 (pav. J)
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