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Donato Politan, Irene Ventura, Ludovica Bigozzi, Roberto Ceccaroni.

"lombriCOMPOSTiera", the new community composter that is sustainable, biomimetic, educational and tecnological, that produces high quality compost.

Elio Matteo Curcio, Francesco Lago, Stefano Rodin, Diego Mazzei

ADIUTOR is a robotic device for upper limb rehabilitation, designed for assisted rehabilitation directly at home.


Fulvio Airaghi

A simple slider which aim is to create a low-price and high performance equipment, booth for professionals and simple lovers.

  I.07 (pav. I)

Mirella Tissi, Roman Manole, Lorenzo Aquilani, Lorenzo Rapiti, Alessandro Carofano, Riccardo Tranfa, Carrus Noemi, ITT "Da Vinci" Viterbo

airport automatic pilot device to carry luggage and passengers from entrance to the check-in desk.

Alert Genius Srl

The Alert Genius company, proposes an innovation in the Anti-Intrusion systems domain allowing to maintain an Alarm System always active even with subjects moving in the monitored area.

  F.07 (pav. F)

Alma Mater Studiorum - Universit di Bologna

A space where knowledge blends, cultivating competences that help develop new entrepreneurial ideas: AlmaLabor is a Maker Space a prototyping laboratory for creating prototypes for your business idea, as well as a Co-working and training space.


My new toilet seat for the disabled was created to give life to an inclusive and innovative project, it does not exist on the market.

  J.1.02 (pav. J)

Robert Manolea - Mauro La Rocca

Industrial IoT, Structural Health Monitoring, Smart Mobility and Smart Energy are just some of our targets.

Stefano Di Persio, Luca Di Persio

BEYOOND is the first Italian cloud-based and multi-purpose platform for self-service AI for SMEs, offered in SaaS mode.

J. Liotti, F. Guzzo, P. Allegro, D. Mainieri

Production of food, feed and biopolymers from organic residue of various kinds with black soldier fly and spirulina

  J.S.05 (pav. J)

Emanuele La Rosa, Angelo Giuseppe Ruotolo

Blink is a project that allows a disabled quadriplegic to use the computer through the blink of his eyes.

  J.1.04 (pav. J)

Ezia Bruno e Riccardo Bruno

Br Milano was born of two Italian brothers, Riccardo and Ezia Bruno. The brand is a combination of tradition and innovation.


Anti-glare safety device for motor vehicles. protects from the suns rays, from car headlights and the artificial lights

Small Giants

Enriched with insect flour, our snacks are mega tasty and packed with planet-positive protein. Ready to join this food revolution?

Jellyfish Fab. by Lucas Zeer, Cristina Coronado Osornio and Yue Liu

A tiny alien goo that loves to dance and play, controlled by lights and electromagnets and powered by USB.

Massimo Proia, Maddalena Mariani, Antonella Della Bella

Filanda 4.0. A dialogue between tradition and innovation to rethink silk as a new "Made in Italy" excellence.

Virgilio Maretto

GIUSTA is a new Delivery platform that revolutionizes the logic of food delivery, with a well-defined positioning that aims to change the status quo relating to the ethics of commissions, protection of the rider, limited coverage of deliveries and quality of the food delivered. It proposes a sustainable, ethical and guaranteed digital food delivery model.

  J.S.26 (pav. J)

Christian Ferracane

We are building a rocket capable of self-stabilizing (thrust vectoring control) through a specially designed and developed avionics system

Claudio Cagnazzi

The SOF'up kit allows you to lift and move armchairs, sofas, sofa beds, storage beds and more by controlling everything with your voice

Giorgia Lancione, Francesco Romanello, Luca Saraceno, Antonio Scotini, Giuseppe Zummo

In Quattro has developed an innovative Two-Phase advanced thermal management system for high power electronics for space and terrestrial applications.

  J.1.25 (pav. J)

Lorenzo Diomeda, Luigi Moretti & IntelliHearts Collaborators Team

Thanks to AI, we aim to democratize health technology, providing scientific accuracy to mobile and wearable devices.


Komposta is an innovative kitchen hood that is able to cook food or transform food waste into compost by harnessing the heat produced by the stovetop.

One Health Vision

Leggo Facile is the software for the treatment of dyslexia, to develop home lexical training also through gamification

Davide Piacentini, Andrea Casaroli e Lorenzo Anile

We delete CO2 through electrochemical processes, dividing it into carbon and oxygen, to reduce the problem of air pollution.

Innocenzo Muzzalupo, Giovanni Misasi, Giuseppe Chiappetta e Cristian Altimari

M-Bioma s.r.l., a spin off supported by CREA, produces technologically advanced unique biological fertilizers based on useful microorganisms.

  J.S.08 (pav. J)

Moi composites

MAMBO (Motor Additive Manufacturing BOat) is a real boat 3d printed in continuous fiberglass thermoset material. MAMBO demonstrates a new, unique shaped boat that cannot be achieved with traditional manufacturing.

  J.03 (pav. J)

Universit dell'Aquila - Leonardo Guidoni, Alice Lemmo, Davide Ubaldi, Silvia Baccaro, Antonella Malatesta

A real videogame to learn Math by playing. It is suitable for kids (7-13) and their innovative teachers.

  K.12 (pav. K)

Alessandro Luzi


My Frame FPV

My Frame FPV combines passion and skills to create elite products dedicated to the world of FPV drones.

  J.2.01 (pav. J)


SetTopBox that solves the problem of the television standard changing in 2021, by also offering the possibility of watching streaming contents via internet, with additional fuctions for the safety of the old people

  F.11 (pav. F)

OBDA Systems

OBDM: state-of-the-art semantic solutions for enterprise data governance

  B.27 (pav. B)

M.Uras, R.Cossu, E.Ferrara, L.Atzori

PMA solution uses the radio fingerprint emitted by digital devices during daily activities to understand how we move, what attracts our attention and how we socialize.

  K.02 (pav. K)

PowerMeter Team

PowerMeter Home Edition is the energy you don't know to have

  J.T.26 (pav. J)

Digitarch Farm srl

PuroSole has created a unique roasting system in the world by concentrating sunlight directly on raw coffee.

  J.01 (pav. J)


Knowledge path in the field of biotechnology and bioeconomy, driver of sustainable territorial development through integrated and inclusive actions.

  J.S.04 (pav. J)

Marco Bozzola

We bring professionally-engineered, upgradeable lighting hardware together with Open Source firmware and 3D-printable expansion kits. 100% Makers-friendly!

Alessandro Guglietta

A medical device to easily automate at breath any pMDI inhaler with manual activation

Fondazione ITS BACT - Students of the Digital Travel Management course - Pablo Ramirez, Stefania De Sio

Multifunctional NFC digital charm to facilitate digitization and automate check-in and check-out processes, monitor your luggage during travel, make transactions, store travel documents and information verified and protected on the Blockchain. Everything safely within reach and Paper Waste Reduction.

  J.2.18 (pav. J)

Fulvio Flamini, Lea M. Trenkwalder and Hendrik Poulsen Nautrup

Seeker Chronicles is the first and only card game based on real science and technology.


Victor Monu,Michele Florio,Arcadie Caprita

The first wake-up bed for deaf people.

  J.1.01 (pav. J)

Emanuela Gatto, Raffaella Lettieri, Valentina Armuzza

SPlastica is an innovative material made from ORGANIC WASTE, it is completely biodegradable according with principles of the CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

Filo Srl

Tata is the brand for parents that provides the right tools for the challenges facing families today.

  E.03 (pav. E)

Claudio La Rosa e Cesare di Mauro

Artificial intelligence. IoT. Human Brain Simulation. Supercomputing. Overcoming Moore's law. All this in an innovative project!


Dive in the underwater world with WSenses disruptive underwater wireless Internet technologies. Come at our stand to see divers chatting underwater, IoT systems to monitor the oceans, to explore the oceans with the eyes of an underwater robot, and much more


Universal Space Connector allows satellites to be refueled with fuel and electricity.


My new toilet for the disabled was developed to give life to an inclusive and innovative project, it does not exist on the market.

  J.1.02 (pav. J)

Arianna Arienzo

VoiceMed identifies diseases at an early stage and monitors the health status remotely by combining Artificial Intelligence with sound recording.

  J.1.11 (pav. J)

Manuel Favaron, Riccardo Sassetti, Vittorio Stefanini, Simone Franceschetti, Mario Villano, Gabriele Pollastrini, Francesco D'Urso

WeCare aims at providing a sustainable, ride-by-ride sanitization for vehicles in a fast, automated and eco-friendly way. The validation allows expanding our scope to higher volumes as well.

  J.05 (pav. J)


The Yeastime team offers devices that optimize the fermentation process by reducing time, costs and environmental impact.

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