Exhibitors 2021

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Manuel Bottini

Dive into our virtual reality games like never before with our sensors!

  E.11 (pav. E)

Anatole Deligant, Paulo Sacramento, Sveinung Loekken

Explore a 3D model of the ESA/ESRIN site in Virtual Reality, augmented with Air Quality data

  J.1.26 (pav. J)

Elisa Gusai, Andrea Zedda, Salvatore Spanu, Giulia Baldazzi, Marco Caruso, Stefano Bertuletti, Andrea Pibiri, Marco Monticone, Andrea Cereatti, Danilo Pani.

DoMoMEA implements an innovative telemonitoring approach to guarantee a fair access to rehabilitation services to all patients.

Laboratorio CG3HCI (Prof. Lucio Davide Spano)

Create your Virtual Reality environment configuring templates by inserting contents and defining how it works using rules.

  K.02 (pav. K)

Giovanni di Dio Bruno

Erwhi Hedgehog is a small open source ROS robot that is capable of SLAM and Vision AI.

Rothaugen skole

A project that combines the traditional elements of Mathematics with the interactive elements of gaming.


Our research aims to improve human-robot collaboration using new technologies such as augmented reality and human motion tracking.

The MEMEX consortium (9 partners from 6 countries in Europe)

Helping people socially fragile people integrating in the society with storytelling via an Augmented Reality app.


Discover the relations between the actors of oxidative-stress related system and the dietary and lifestyle habits that affect its equilibrium

  D.18 (pav. D)

claudia donello, antonio arcodia

save the world by playing

  J.2.25 (pav. J)

ITS Nuove Tecnologie della Vita

TechXChem wants to develop a distance and smart selling service in order to improve Smartchem's remote customer experience.



A new way to see your city in the future. The LCIM app for smartphones gives you an augmented vision of the urban space

Antonio Pallotti, Leandro Lucangeli, Emanuele D'Angelantonio

Sensory suits for human kinematics, sensory socks for posturology, electroencephalographic and electromyographic bands for workplace safety, sensors for Covid-19

  J.T.19 (pav. J)
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