Exhibitors 2022

Category "AI - Artificial Intelligence"

HPA - High Performance Analytics

Beyoond is a suite of ready-to-use AI modules for the sectors: Energy & Gas, Logistics, Environment, Manufacturing.


Emotionary is a structured sentiment analysis system that can identify expressions in the text that express a given emotion.

  B.07 (pav. B)

Matteo Fabbri, Riccardo Gasparini, Fabio Lanzi, Massimo Garuti, Lorenzo Baraldi, Simone Calderara, Rita Cucchiara

Video anonymization for next-gen privacy-compliant video analytics through Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision techniques.

  B.09 (pav. B)


The telemedicine 2.0 tool for the monitoring of neurological diseases, through dysarthria analysis.

Adolfo Santoro, Antonio Parziale, Rosa Senatore

Building reading machines with Artificial Intelligence

  B.08 (pav. B)

ACTOR SRL - Startup of Sapienza University of Rome

An application of Artificial Intelligence for faults detection in textile production.

Nao Devils - TU Dortmund, SPQR Team - Sapienza Universit di Roma

Robotic competition among two teams of fully autonomous humanoid robots playing soccer.

  C.A1 (pav. C)
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