Exhibitors 2022

Category "Universities "

Marco Sebastiani, Giulia Lanzara, Sonia Marfia, Edoardo Bemporad

A presentation of the 3DINGLab of the engineering department, with 3D printing technologies from micron to macro scales.

Ilaria De Angelis, Adriana Postiglione

What is gravity? How do planets, stars and galaxies move in the Universe? Lets find it out together!

  D.07 (pav. D)

Mauro Rossi, Vincenzo De Sena

A proprietary enzyme treatment of wheat gluten is effective in suppressing the inflammatory response in intolerant people without influencing its technological properties

Alessandro Zaldei, Carolina Vagnoli, Beniamino Gioli, Giovanni Gualtieri, Lorenzo Brilli, Federico Carotenuto, Alice Cavaliere, Tommaso Giordano, Francesca Martelli

Airqino, an innovative air quality monitoring system, integrated with low cost and high-resolution sensors (Humidity, Temperature, CO, CO2, O3, NO2, PM2,5, PM10). Data collected are shared, real time, on a web interface www.airqino

  E.14 (pav. E)

Giulia Colarieti; Lorena Trebbi - Saperi&co

Material palette of sodium alginate biomaterials

Michela Ceracchi; L. Baglioni, L. Carlevaris, M. Fasolo, J. Romor, M. Salvatore, G.M. Valenti;

The prototype to explore the perspective space: choose your combination, photograph the result, discover the principles of illusion in AR!

  D.24 (pav. D)

Vito Chiarella; Saperi&co

Reproduction of a brain aneurysm for planned surgery

Francesca Fiore, Universit di Trento, Associazione GLOW

Experimenting with 3D printing, laser cutting, milling cutters, vinyl cutting and more, introduced through an accessible approach and language

Audace Sailing Team

University project in Trieste. We combine engineering with our love for sailing, creating racing sailboat prototypes using sustainable materials.

Marco Balsi, Devamanohar Kumar Mallireddy

Seamless automation of a standard psychomotor test (9-hole peg test) with objective acquisition of performance and IoT networking

  D.25 (pav. D)

BrainLine, associazione interuniversitaria dedicata alla neuroeconomia

Arificial intelligence at the service of automatic user profiling in the financial sector

  E.02 (pav. E)

Idea e Sviluppo: BAIRES RAFFAELLI - Responsabile Scientifico: MARCO FERRERO

AVLA is a tool for designing inclusive cities, which welcome everyone equally, putting everyone on an equal basis

  D.31 (pav. D)

Annalisa Santucci, Stefania Lamponi, Michela Geminiani, Ottavia Spiga, Giacomo Spinsanti

Dermofunctional biocosmeceuticals Ecological, safe, sustainable cosmetics, based on chestnut burr extract with beneficial effects proved in human skin cells, antiage, anti-pollutant.

Giovanni Inglese, Saperi&co

sustainable alternative for the production of phonographic discs

Gabriele Messina, Roberta Bosco, Davide Amodeo, Isa De Palma, Gabriele Cevenini, Ugolini e C s.r.l.

The nUVA light disinfects environment even at low intensity and is safe for people and animals.


A VR application of the environment in which the Scipionyx Samniticus, known as Ciro, lived.

Ira Sulejmeni, Cofondatrice - CEO; Emanuele Torrisi, Cofondatore - CIO/CTO; Lorenzo Scarpelli, Cofondatore - CCO

Clearchain is a blockchain based tracking system for agri-food companies to safely track their products and monitor their quality.

Federica Trovalusci

A compactor vehicle for urban waste characterized by high functionality and low environmental impact was developed thanks to the collaboration of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" and Fratelli Mazzocchia company

  E.A (pav. E)

Maria Cristina De Rosa, Davide Pirolli, Benedetta Righino, Chiara Camponeschi

New candidate drugs designed with AI_assisted computer simulations

  E.14 (pav. E)

Rudy Semola, Davide Bacciu, Vincenzo Lomonaco

Continual Brain: Continual-Learning-based SaaS for different AI application domains is easy to integrate into devices and cloud systems.

Letizia Marsili, Enrica Franchi, Francesca Capanni, Laura Carletti, Ilaria Ceciarini, Guia Consales, Lorenzo Minoia

The blue crab is a Mediterranean invasive species: our goal is to turn this harmful presence into a valuable resource.

Olimpia Pino, Mauro Gaspari, Luca Ferrari, Alessandro Ciraolo


  L.T.09 (pav. L)

Fabrizio De Cesaris; Mario Baioli

3D printing of "Temple of Vesta" model to verify the reaction of the model to earthquake stresses

  D.26 (pav. D)

chaoyan sun; Angela Giambattista;

The product is designed for promoting blood circulation

  D.23 (pav. D)

DHLab Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici - Roma Tre

A showcase of research activities run in our DHLab applying ICT to Archaeology, Geography, Italian Literature, Paleography, Art History.

Silvia Casalinuovo; Saperi&co;

Breath analysis Mask

Fjolla Voca; Viktor Malakuczi Co -supervisor prof.ass. Micheal Russo

Digital Craft for pets- A personalisable dog muzzle for fablab based production

  D.31 (pav. D)

Sandra Chistolini e il team del Corso di Perfezionamento in outdoor education

The project invests in digital knowledge, creates multimedia educational products, gives opportunities to investigate about innovative methodology in outdoor learning.

Intelligent Systems Lab, Universit degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata

Innovative, Intelligent and Autonomous Drones at University of Rome Tor Vergata

  E.02 (pav. E)

Dynamis PRC

Team Formula Student of the Politecnico di Milano. Participating in the international university championship, the aim is to design and build an electric single-seater equipped with an autonomous driving system in just one year

Carmen Rotondi; Eugenia Maria Canepone; Saperi&co

2d rigid pattern printed on textile

  D.29 (pav. D)

Pio Alfredo Di Tore, Stefano Di Tore, Lucia Campitiello, Michele Todino, Fabrizio Schiavo


EveryBotics S.R.L.

The robotic bartender

Lorena Trebbi

Evolving matter: the future of materials and design in the biofabrication era. Experimentations on microbial fermentation and bacterial nanocellulose

Eleonora Longo, Beniamino Caputo, Alessandra della Torre, Carlo Maria De Marco, Martina Micocci, Chiara Virgillito, Mosquito Alert Italia, Mosquito Alert

Mosquito Alert Italia is a project involving citizen in the collection of data on mosquitos in Italy by an app.

  D.23 (pav. D)

Marco Carminati, Anita Caracciolo, Davide Di Vita, Ilenia DAdda, Aicha Bourkadi Idrissi, Susanna Di Giacomo, Carlo Fiorini

Development of a gamma ray detector for emerging medical applications: multimodal imaging, Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) and Hadrontherapy monitoring.

  D.04 (pav. D)

Dimie Unibas e Multipartner Spa

GesGeo aims at exploiting the ability to locate the position of an Internet-connected device to control the access to digital contents.

The Engine Room

Using gestures and all body motions to interact and directly control Tiago, a mobile manipulator robot.

  C.09 (pav. C)

Orazio Miglino, Massimiliano Caretti, Raffaele Di Fuccio, Onofrio Gigliotta, Massimiliano Schembri

The prototypes show the features of a subfield of mixed reality called tangible user interfaces, where the user has to interact with multisensory objects that involve all the senses including smelll.

Roma Tre University Dipartimento di Architettura - Laboratorio Modelli e Prototipi

Open Designs for Public and Shared Space Furnishing rooted on digital upcycling on local Fab Lab chains

Fabrizio DAmico, Luca Bertolini, Antonio Napolitano, Jhon Romer Diezmos Manalo

Analyzing digital models of linear transportation infrastructure making use also of cutting-edge technologies such as VR & AR viewers

  D.13 (pav. D)

Mario Giampaolo, Loretta Fabbri, Caterina Garofano

360 immersive videos for job orientation for university students

Andreina Nez Morales

A social awareness interface to help immigrants maintain relationships to their family and cultural heritage in the situation of Venezuela.

  D.26 (pav. D)

Di Domenico Immacolata Alessia, Andreotti Michela, Avitabile Alessio, Frettoni Lucia.

Wearable ultrasonic visor that promises to improve the quality of life for those with visual impairments.

  D.23 (pav. D)

Claudia Adduce, Michele La Rocca, Valentina Lombardi, Andrea Montessori, Pietro Prestininzi, Giampiero Sciortino.

The beauty of water shines in many phenomena. This project is aimed at illustrating some of them, highlighting their importance from the natural and industrial point of view.

  D.11 (pav. D)

MaTeRG (Manufacturing Technology Research Group), Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale dellUniversit di Roma Tor Vergata

Ecological buoy which is capable to remove oils and other organic liquids from the water surfaces of seas, lakes and rivers.

  E.02 (pav. E)

Massimo Reverberi; Stefano Sarti

the lab2go project, born a few years ago to help high schools recover their laboratory heritage

  D.31 (pav. D)

The Transport laboratory of the Department of Engineering

Technologies for tracking, tracing and classifying vehicular and pedestrian flows and their use for transport engineering.

  D.13 (pav. D)

Skyward Experimental Rocketry

Skyward Experimental Rocketrys first competition sounding rocket

Sol Bekic, Agnese Del Zozzo, Francesca Fiore, Alessandro Oneto, Verdiana Pasqualini, Carlotta Vielmo, Marco Andreatta, Alberto Montresor

Alternanza scuola-lavoro in the service of popularization: mathematical games and networking between schools and universities

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