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EveryBot Tender

EveryBot Tender

EveryBot Tender is the robotic bartender of EveryBotics S.R.L.

The mission of EveryBot Tender is to also make a simple order in a bar a futuristic experience, in order to let the customer feel the thrill of the industry 5.0 reality.

EveryBot Tender is a robotic system consisting of:

  • A robotic manipulator;

  • The bar counter for the production of Foods & Drinks;

  • The smartphone application for placing orders;

The system works as follows: the customer orders the desired drink and / or food via his/her smartphone and receives an order booking number with its QR code and receipt. All orders are managed by the system in such a way as to communicate them in sequence to the manipulator. The manipulator prepares the desired order and collects it in the delivery section of the table. At this point, the application communicates to the customer, via a push notification, that the order is ready for collection. Thanks to the received QR code, the customer will be able to open the delivery counter and collect the order.

EveryBot Tender is currently in the prototype stage, therefore only some of the listed functions are available.

EveryBot Tender

EveryBotics S.R.L.

EveryBotics is a spinoff of the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio. Its activity focuses on robotics, control software and ICT applications. Its team includes strong-minded researchers with very good experience in software development.

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