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Thaumachines - Technologies that wonders.

Since 2012 I have built various machines that shares the common feature to make unexpected and surprising things.

For the Maker Faire Rome 2017 and 2018 I set up in my booth an exhibition of some of these machines, with the aim to divulge the beauty of Science and to stimulate visitors to explore in turn the same boundaries between Science, perception and Art that I have explored at the time.

Below you will find a list of the machines that I displayed, with an indication of the scientific areas related to them:

  • Double pendulum (physics, chaos theory)

  • Multipendulum (physics, visualization of harmony)

  • Harmonograph (physics, visualization of harmony)

  • Zoetrope (perception, persistence of vision)

  • Vertical plotter (mathematics, physics, electronics, computing science)

This year I will propose an enhanced version of the exhibit, introducing new details to some of my thaumachines.


Antonio Ianiero

Engineer, greatly passionate about Mathematics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. He deeply loves Poetry, Origami and soap bubbles. He is a member of formaScienza, an association active in Rome in the field of Science Communication. He is also a cofounder of Unterwelt, a makerspace active in Rome since 2012.

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