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STEM kit: teaching physics through computer science

STEM kit: teaching physics through computer science

The main objective of this workshop is to create a connection between two subjects that are normally taught separately, namely physics and computer science. The project provides interdisciplinary teaching paths that make use of new technologies involving low-cost sensors (such as Arduino and Micro:bit). Alongside the kits, documentation is offered to teachers and trainers and worksheets are available for students, in order to illustrate the possibilities offered by the kits, while also promoting personal exploration.

STEM kit: teaching physics through computer science

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Being located within a university, the main objective of our FabLab is educational: it is a place dedicated to free experimentation, where students can develop their ideas, follow their passions and learn creatively - without worrying about credits and grades.

We are an innovative educational design and science communication start-up. We want to offer students and citizens the results and methodologies elaborated from our decades of experience in research, design and realization of didactic and popularization paths.

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