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Biostampa di tessuti una cellula alla volta

Biostampa di tessuti una cellula alla volta

Our goal at CLN2S is to 3D print cells and biomaterials to create tissues to simulate a pathological condition and investigate the safety and efficacy of newly discovered drugs.

At Maker Faire, we aim to illustrate the use of multiple 3D printers and bioprinters, both commercial and custom-made, as well as biomaterials, bringing to the live audience our experience in the lab. The audience will be able to touch, play and experience objects that we will be printing live – making the experience unique and interactive.

Biostampa di tessuti una cellula alla volta

Gianluca Cidonio, Chiara Scognamiglio, Federico Serpe, Martina Marcotulli, Salvatore D’Alessandro

Dr Gianluca Cidonio and Dr Chiara Scognamiglio are research scientists IIT CLN2S. Gianluca is working on novel microfluidic-bioprinting technologies. Chiara is focusing in printing tissue for vascular regeneration and cancer studies. Federico Serpe, Martina Marcotulli and Salvatore D’Alessandro are PhD students at IIT CLN2S. Federico is working on engineering novel microfluidic printheads for functional tissue bioprinting. Martina is studying new ways to generate hierarchical 3D structures and stimulate cells with ultrasounds. Salvatore is looking at engineering unique 3D electrospinning techn

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