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SPACE-iit Tecnologia per l'esplorazione spaziale

SPACE-iit Tecnologia per l'esplorazione spaziale

Space is a dangerous and harsh environment: this is why humans need new technologies that can help them to explore the "final frontier". The Italian Institute of Technology shows robots that will help us to build structures in orbit, perform satellite maintenance and explore distant worlds. In an imaginary journey into the future, you will reach a space station populated by robots capable of manipulating objects, repairing satellites, and navigating the surface of distant planets.

SPACE-iit Tecnologia per l'esplorazione spaziale

Carlo Brindesi Canali, Ferdinando Cannella, Remo Proietti

Carlo Brindesi Canali is a physicist, as technologist researcher in iit he is an expert in robotics inspection in harsh environments.

Ferdinando Cannella is the coordinator of the Industrial Robotics Facility in IIT, he deals with industrial projects in the field of robotics and automation.

Remo Proietti is the founder and coordinator of SPACE-iit: the hub of the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia dedicated to Interdisciplinary and Innovative Space Technology

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