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HeRO - Herbarium RO Online

HeRO - Herbarium RO Online

The HeRO project enhances the heritage of the Herbarium Museum of Sapienza University of Rome through the progressive digitization, cataloging and virtual display of museum collections. In this way they are made available to a wide public for dissemination and research both nationally and internationally.
Dried plants preserved in herbaria flattened on standard format sheets and ordered with taxonomic classification criteria, are ideal for image acquisition and digital security of biological data.

HeRO - Herbarium RO Online

Donatella Magri e Caterina Giovinazzo

Donatella Magri is full professor of Systematic Botany and Director of the Sapienza Museum Herbarium. Her research activity focuses on Palaeobotanical and palynological investigations on Quaternary deposits from Mediterranean regions.

Caterina Giovinazzo, PhD Curatrice dei musei di area biologica Responsabile di Officine Museali Polo museale Sapienza

  D.28 (pav. D) - Centro di Eccellenza

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