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ELIO: No-code Development Kit

ELIO: No-code Development Kit

ELIO KIT is a special set of development boards dedicated to teaching and prototyping electronic projects through visual programming. The boards can be assembled in a wide range of combinations based on the application area.

ELIO / S3: Development Board

ELIO S3 is the brain of the ELIO ecosystem based on the new ESP32-S3 microcontroller. With 8 sensors and 5 actuators in a diameter of only 55mm, ELIO S3 contains a unique degree of interactivity, while WIRELESS charging and input for SOLAR panel open the field to unlimited applications. It is supplied with a 950mAh battery and a 2MP mini camera and it's possible to expand its functionality by the external SHIELDS.

ELIO / SHIELDS: Expansion cards

As easy as making an "IOT-burger". Extending the functionality of ELIO S3 is child's play with ELIO SHIELDS. These external boards can be connected on ELIO S3 without the need for soldering. MEDIA integrates E-ink display (which requires energy only to change the image) and 1W speaker and is dedicated to applications that requires an user interface, MOTO to design a motorized toy car and the I/O board with 28 pins for 2.54 "jumpers and 16 3-pole servo motor connectors is for robotics functions.

You will combine some good ones

The combination of the ELIO boards gives life to IOT devices that can be programmed for specific activities. Among our ready-to-use kits, GENIUS KIT integrates Elio S3 into a dodecahedral smart lamp for functions dedicated to the smart home. ELIO EDU is an educational kit for schools dedicated to technology laboratories.

Visual programming

ELIO PLAY is the visual editor that allows you to program boards simply by dragging and combining a large set of logic commands. Makers will be able to design, modify and share applications and integrate functions developed by other users. The uniqueness of the ELIO PLAY editor lies in the ability to program the devices remotely both through a "no-code" interface and through "low-code" code in standard JSON format and to SHARE the functions developed with other users.


For the more experienced, ELIO S3 is compatible with ARDUINO IDE and can also be programmed in the traditional way.

ELIO: No-code Development Kit


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