Exhibitors 2022



The start-up Biomercato has the mission of becoming the first marketplace: totally organic, sustainable, transparent and ethical.

They trace products in blockchain, in order to generate a virtual organic market in the metaverse (Magnaverse) for the international market,.

Biomercato has launched with its own brand a first food product, made in Italy and the symbol of Italy, gluten free pasta, certified biological and processed in blockchain, with totally biodegradable packaging, thanks to the 3D printing technology, using a biodegradable filament.


Christian Cabrera, Licia De Benedictis, Roberto Bedini, Simona Ceccarelli

Christian Cabrera: CEO and farmer
Licia De Benedictis: Designer
Roberto Bedini: Innovation broker
Simona Ceccarelli: Marketing & PR

  L.S.20 (pav. L)
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