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Colosseum is an Educational project to learn the history of ancient Rome at the time of the gladiators in a fun and innovative way. The project is structured in two steps. The first step uses microbits and various sensors with which we have created a small robot that executes commands through unplugged instructions with RFID technology, the robot moves on a playground to learn the history of ancient Rome. During the game it happens to have to frame QR-Codes with the tablet that provide the player with important information through short AR animations, to get out of dangerous situations and reach the Colosseum, a mix between an escape game and a book game. This game is designed for children from 6 to 10 years of age with varying degrees of difficulty, with the aim of learning the basics of coding, discovering augmented reality and how to program objects using Scratch-like blocks. The second step deals with robotics and mechanics, the scenario is always ancient Rome, this time the goal is to build and program a gladiator robot to challenge our opponents, to be successful it is essential to know who the gladiators were, which weapons they used, what techniques they used.

Emiliano Gatti

Graduated in Computer Engineering, expert in development of cross-platform applications for mobile, designer of web applications in Java and various frameworks, lecturer in several primary and secondary schools in Rome, Maker, founder and president of the non-profit association Italmaker, educational manager di Campus, an innovative Apple Premium Reseller R-Store project. She takes inspiration from her three children who have become comics, protagonists of the latest project, an educational portal dedicated to primary school with a structured path in 5 volumes, to discover new technologies. His quote: "When a hobby becomes a job, work becomes a fun game!"

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