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Co Print Multi-Filament 3D Printing Module

Co Print Multi-Filament 3D Printing Module

Desktop 3D Printers are becoming more and more common nowadays.

However, the vast majority of desktop 3D printers in use in the market have a single print tip and a single filament feed mechanism. Users start 3D production with single-filament 3D printers, which are much more affordable, but the need of the majority of the user group is to obtain color 3D prints with multi-filament or 3D prints consisting of 2-3 types of materials.

After encountering this problem, users are faced with the high cost of purchasing a 3D printer capable of multi-filament production. Although they want to convert their single-filament 3D printers, there are products with this function in the market, but because these products are not at the desired level in terms of price performance, the majority of the user mass cannot switch to multi-filament 3D printing.

Enter the World of Multi-Color and Multi-Material 3D Printing with Co Print Multi-Filament 3D Printing Module!

Co Print is a multi-filament 3D printing module that automatically changes the filament entering the 3D printers with its 7 filament feeding mechanism and thus enables all 3D printers in the market to produce multi-colored and multi-material models with a single print tip.

In fact, what Co Print does is to automatically change the filaments that go to the print end of the 3D printer at the time of printing. In this way, the models produced are multi-filament. Moreover, Co Print, which can work with all desktop 3D printers, is easy to use and has an affordable price for everyone in the industry.

Co Print Multi-Filament 3D Printing Module

Fatih Kazim Duymaz

Apart from the 3D printer sector in his business life, he worked as an accounting intern, production manager and administrative assistant in financial consultancy, engineering and foreign trade companies. He has been working on Co Print for 2.5 years full time with great devotion. In the Co Print initiative, he took responsibilities in different categories of sales, marketing and business development, thanks to the training and work experience he received.

He took an active role in the cooperation of Co Print with the Chinese company Creality and in the marketing activities of the global crowdfunding campaign. He took part in the creation and development of the corporate identity of the Co Print brand. From this period onwards, he will continue to work as a manager in sales, marketing and business development in the global growth of Co Print.

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