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Universit e Innovazione: Scienze e Tecnologie Alimentari in Sapienza

Universit e Innovazione: Scienze e Tecnologie Alimentari in Sapienza

Sapienza University of Rome has in recent years strengthened scientific skills and training opportunities in the field of Food Science and Technology. Among the courses dedicated to students, the master's degree course "Food Science and Technology" (interateneo with the University of Tuscia) and the three-year course in Agro-Food and Industrial Biotechnology should be mentioned. Several research teams operate in the field of microbiology, technology, chemistry and food health within the university structure. The research approaches are varied and in many cases involve direct contacts with the food industry. The close relationship with the production reality has led to the realization of projects, which have now concretely become innovative processes and products, implemented in the national and international production and commercial network.
The Food Microbiology section presents some of the most recent successful collaborations at Maker Faire:

  • the project with the start-up Celery (https://www.celery.science/en/) which led to the launch of the functional ice cream "Iuppi", an innovative totally vegetable fermented product (as well as lactose-free, gluten- free and with viable lactic bacteria);

  • the projects with Vallefiorita Srl (https://www.vallefiorita.it/), which led to the design of leavened products (obtained with natural yeast with selected lactic bacteria) such as an innovative "protein pizza" and "low glycemic index bread".
    All processes and products have been patented and their validity confirmed through scientific publications.
    On the occasion of the Maker Faire, the section, led by Prof. Carlo G. Rizzello, will present the results (products) of these innovation paths, through information material and presentations by the researchers of the research group and the companies involved.

Universit e Innovazione: Scienze e Tecnologie Alimentari in Sapienza

Scienze e tecnologie Alimentari in Sapienza

Carlo Giuseppe Rizzello, born in 1977, is Full Professor in Food Microbiology (scientific-disciplinary sector AGR16) at La Sapienza University of Rome (Department of Environmental Biology) from November 2020.
Education and past positions. He achieved an honours grade M.Sc. in Agricultural Science and Technology from University of Bari. He has a PhD in Microbiology, Health and Chemistry of Foods (XVIII cycle) achieved at Department of Plant Protection and Applied Microbiology (University of Bari) in 2006, working on Bioactive proteins and peptides. He has been a Researcher at University of Bari (Department of Soil, Plant and Food Science) from January 2009 to October 2015 and Associate Professor in Food Microbiology at University of Bari (Department of Soil, Plant and Food Science) from October 2015 to November 2020.
Bibliometric parameters: (orcid 0000-0002-0425-2892) He is author of 154 peer-reviewed articles (total citations, approx. 7764; h-index, 54 reported on Scopus).
Edited books, book chapters and granted patents. He is author of 20 book chapters and 11 patents (with more than 20 extensions reported on google patents)
Area of expertise. Proteomics and enzymology of lactic acid bacteria; bioactive compounds; nutritional and functional aspects of fermented foods; fermented food biotechnologies; biotechnological protocols for the food wastes valorisation.
Institutional responsibilities Commission of trust. He is member of the teacher board of the PhD course in Foods Microbiology, Technology, Chemistry and Safety of the University of Bari, and of the Councils of the degree courses of Food Science and Technology and Agro-Industrial Biotechnologies of the University of Rome. He was in the commission for the professional qualification of Food Technologist 2019-2020. He was an evaluation panel member for project proposals under the following calls: Bando competitivo Fondazione di Sardegna 2016 (Italy); Bando 2017 CONICET CUIA (Italy/Argentina); COST scientific network (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) 2019, (Switzerland) OPUS-17 2019 (Poland).

From 2022, he is vice-president of the SIMTREA, Italian Society Of Agro-Food And Environmental Microbiology.

He was member of the organizing and/or scientific committees of the following Conferences: 2006, 3rd International Symposium on Sourdough, Bari (Italy); 2012, Convegno Nazionale della Societ Italiana di Microbiologia Agraria, Alimentare e Ambientale, , Bari (Italy); 2017, 4th International Conference On Microbial Diversity, Bari (Italy); 2021, BREWER'S SPENT GRAIN fermentation: how an underutilized by-product becomes a food ingredient, International Workshop (on-line) co-organized by EIT Fodd network and European project FUNBREW.

Editorial responsibilities. He is member of the editorial boards of International Journal of Food Microbiology and Foods. It was guest associate Editor for Frontiers in Nutrition on the topic: The Sustainability Challenge: New Perspectives on the use of Microbial Approaches and their Impact on Food and Feed; Frontiers in Microbiology Ad-Hoc Selection of Lactic Acid Bacteria for Non-Conventional Food Matrices Fermentations: Agri-Food Perspectives; Foods on Special Issues "Milk Alternatives and Non-Dairy Fermented Products" (2019) and Advances in the Use of Beneficial Microorganisms to Improve Nutritional and Functional Properties of Fermented Foods (2021); Fermentation The Antioxidant Potential of Fermented Foods: Challenges and Future trends

He is actually engaged as co-Editor of the books: Biotecnologia dei prodotti lievitati da Forno (Casa Editrice Ambrosiana) and Basic Methods and Protocols on Sourdough (Springer Nature).

Coordination/Participation of/to projects. He is/was involved in National and International public research projects: 2020-2022 Biopan (national, PON MISE) (Scientific responsible); 2018 - 2020 FunBrew call: SUSFOOD2 (European); 2017 - 2020 BIOCOSI Call: INNONETWORK (National); 2017 - 2020 INNOTIPICO, Call: INNONETWORK (National) 2017 2019 WASTEBAKE (Call: EUROTRANSBIO) (European); 2016 2020 Processing for healthy cereal foods, PRIN (National) (scientific responsible); 2007 2013 BIOTECA (National); 2014-2016 BIOPROT (Call: SUSFOOD) (European); 2011-2015 PON REC 2007-2013 (National); 2011 2015 PROINNO_BIT (National) (scientific responsible); 2006 RIDDIT (National); 2000 2006, 2005 2009 PON (National); 2005 - 2006 PRIN-COFIN (National); 2002 2004 PRIN (National); 2002 2005 FORMINNOVA (National); 2004 2006 CERES (National); 2001 2005 MAIA (National).
Research projects with industries and incentives for technology transfer of results. He was scientific responsible for technology transfer projects with the following industries: Barilla S.p.A. (Italy); Casillo Next Gen (Italy); Celery Srl (Italy); Divella S.p.a. (Italy); Favero Antonio Srl (Italy); Ferrero (Soremartec Italia S.r.l.); Giuliani Srl (Italy); Interpan S.p.A. (Italy); Novelbread (Italy), Polaris Alimenti Srl (Italy); Puratos/Beldem (Belgium); ToscanaPane (Italy); Vallefiorita Catering Srl (Italy); VSL Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Gaithersburg MD, USA); Sammontana (Italy); Favero (Italy); Bauli (Italy); Reges Grande Impero (Italy).
He has contributed to the creation of new i) companies: start-up Celery (innovative functional foods and beverages) Spin off BiocomLAB s.r.l (Biogenic compounds Lactic Acid Bacteria); Spin off MicroBiotech (Production of Starter for bakery, diary and wine companies) and ii) commercial food products and supplements: Pane Giusto (Giuliani Srl); Bioscalin tricoage+ (Giuliani Srl); Lichtena Equilydra (Giuliani Srl); Bont di pane (Giuliani Srl); Farina-acqua-sale (Novelbread Srl); InSalute alimenti a basso indice glicemico (Vallefiorita Srl); Pane tipo Toscano a lievitazione naturale (Sourdough Tuscan bread) (Toscanapane Srl); Tramezzino light, (Vallefiorita Srl); Iuppi, Plant-based yogurt and ice-cream (Celery).

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