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Controllocasa srl

Controllocasa srl

USBy ... the device that warns you when the electricity is cut

Devices capable of sending alerts in the event of a power failure had already been on the market for years but ControlCasa had the innovative idea of ??using the Internet now everywhere present, saving compared to traditional solutions, because it does NOT need a GSM SIM or a UPS for its operation.
Through USBy the user receives an email warning:

  • when the electricity supply fails

  • when the electric current is restored with the total black-out time

The alert emails are managed by our Cloud Server and consequently even if the electricity fails, the receipt of the alerts is guaranteed.
In addition, our Customers who want an even more effective alert can activate the Call-Me service to receive (in addition to email) a telephone call from our Operations Center when the power fails.
The device also allows remote monitoring of the ambient temperature through a highly sensitive and precise sensor, with the possibility of activating the notification service in case of exceeding the threshold.

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