Exhibitors 2022

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Vito Chiarella; Saperi&co

Reproduction of a brain aneurysm for planned surgery


A VR application of the environment in which the Scipionyx Samniticus, known as Ciro, lived.

DHLab Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici - Roma Tre

A showcase of research activities run in our DHLab applying ICT to Archaeology, Geography, Italian Literature, Paleography, Art History.


For a new vision 4.0 of the welder

Relio Labs

A open-source multispectral illumination platform made for science, art and cultural heritage, to help research institutes during restorations and digital imaging tasks.

  L.1.25 (pav. L)

Elena Pierri, Nader Al Khatib, Sara Muscolo, Ermanno De Giuli, Elena Papetti, Mirko Pacioni

Training activities in a digital key, enriched from time to time by collaborations with educational institutions, universities and companies.

Patrizia Marti, Cecilia Goracci, Lorenzo Franchi, Alessandro Vichi, Flavio Lampus, Simone Guercio, Annamaria Recupero

Personalised orthodontic facemasks for children for a gamified therapy

Saverio Giulio Malatesta, Laura Leopardi, Paola La Torre, Roberta Manzollino, Paolo Rosati

The Hatrix is a collector of ideas, methodologies, prototypes and digital applications in the world of cultural heritage.

Giulia Bordi

Presentation of the website created by the participants in the 7-day Summer School, who, through a bottom-up strategy, learnt how to use high-tech instrumentation such as laser scanners, total station, GPS, 360 cameras, thermal imagers and specialised software in a cloud environment, and created together with consultants with experience in the creation of digital products (3D, VR, AR, MR, XR) in the Digital Cultural Heritage sector, macro products and services for dissemination and communication for mobile and desktop platforms related to the promotion of the Church of St. Saba on the Little Aventine.

  D.28 (pav. D)
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