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Feed Srl

The project aims to present the nowadays AGRICULTURE 4.0 innovations that improve the companies quality and save economic resources

Azienda agricola DI GIROLAMO SARA

Presentare le innovative tecnologie dell AGRICOLTURA 4.0 che consentono allazienda di migliorare la qualit della produzione e dei proprio prodotti, rispettando lambiente


The project aims to present the nowadays AGRICULTURE 4.0 innovations that improve the companies quality and save economic resources

Leonardo Bertelli, Luca Acquati, Federico Sarrocco

Argo is the personal robotic assistant for your home. A robot which can entertain but also be useful.

Antonio Frisoli

The new technologies of collaborative robotics.

Associazione AstronomiAmo

Automated system aimed to meteor detection, citizen science and Air Quality level

BrainLine, associazione interuniversitaria dedicata alla neuroeconomia

Arificial intelligence at the service of automatic user profiling in the financial sector

  E.02 (pav. E)

HPA - High Performance Analytics

Beyoond is a suite of ready-to-use AI modules for the sectors: Energy & Gas, Logistics, Environment, Manufacturing.

Maria di Maro, Antonio Origlia, Agostino Palmiero, Alessandra Rossi, Silvia Rossi, Antonio Totaro

The project has been supported by the Italian MISE as part of the PON I&C 2014-2020, no. F/190066/01-02/X44. The project is led by Totaro Automazioni s.r.l in conjunction with the ICAROS center of the University of Naples Federico II. The goal of the project is the creation of a robotic platform capable of managing the tasks related to the management of a bar counter in its multiple aspects of interaction, manipulation, and personalization of the offered services.

BullyBuster Staff

A framework for bullying and cyberbullying action detection by computer vision and artificial intelligence methods and algorithms

ITS BACT - Istituto Tecnico Superiore per Tecnologie Innovative per i Beni e le Attivit Culturali e il Turismo

Smart Safety on construction and restoration sites IoT, Machine Learning, Solar Power and 5G Technology

Onorato Passarelli - IIS ITG ITI Vibo Valentia

Domotic and entertainment system, in virtual reality, managed with the thought by people with motor disabilities.

  P.06 (pav. P)

Rudy Semola, Davide Bacciu, Vincenzo Lomonaco

Continual Brain: Continual-Learning-based SaaS for different AI application domains is easy to integrate into devices and cloud systems.

DHLab Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici - Roma Tre

A showcase of research activities run in our DHLab applying ICT to Archaeology, Geography, Italian Literature, Paleography, Art History.

Florence Robotics - Luca Bigazzi, luigi Pannocchi, Stefano Gherardini, Enrico Boni, Michele Basso

Drone Open-Source in grado di supportare applicazioni sviluppate dall'utente per la guida autonoma avanzata.

Roni Bandini

Anticipates power outages with Machine Learning inside the outlet

  C.38 (pav. C)

Kelly Heaton

Exploring the meaning of life through energy, frequency, and vibration

  L.1.06 (pav. L)

Pio Alfredo Di Tore, Stefano Di Tore, Lucia Campitiello, Michele Todino, Fabrizio Schiavo



Emotionary is a structured sentiment analysis system that can identify expressions in the text that express a given emotion.

  B.07 (pav. B)

Ellis Unit - Politecnico di Torino

Do you want to know how the most recent artificial intelligent models are used to develop the visual system of the next generation of robotic agents? Come to visit our booth!

  B.29 (pav. B)

EveryBotics S.R.L.

The robotic bartender

Francesca Romana Bertani (CNR-IFN); Luca Businaro (CNR-IFN); Fabio Chiarello (CNR-IFN); Annamaria Gerardino (CNR-IFN); Luca Fiorani (ENEA); Claudia Zoani (ENEA)

Measuring food quality with light: spectroscopy at the service of food safety

Dimie Unibas e Multipartner Spa

GesGeo aims at exploiting the ability to locate the position of an Internet-connected device to control the access to digital contents.

Mario Soranno

Girasole is the first mesh sensory network that uses AI for precision agriculture, fire prevention and animal welfare

Matteo Fabbri, Riccardo Gasparini, Fabio Lanzi, Massimo Garuti, Lorenzo Baraldi, Simone Calderara, Rita Cucchiara

Video anonymization for next-gen privacy-compliant video analytics through Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision techniques.

  B.09 (pav. B)


For a new vision 4.0 of the welder


The telemedicine 2.0 tool for the monitoring of neurological diseases, through dysarthria analysis.

Adolfo Santoro, Antonio Parziale, Rosa Senatore

Building reading machines with Artificial Intelligence

  B.08 (pav. B)


How the study of human behavior can improve machines

  B.19 (pav. B)

Marco Ferrantini

Kineboard is a wireless module for balance boards. A powerful tool for physiotherapy and rehabilitation which allows to collect data and play a videogame based on your therapy targets. Based on Arduino, it's a low cost solution for small clinics and gyms.

Giacomo Manera

Design of an artificial intelligence model for the recognition of crop diseases and creation of dedicated software and hardware for maximum performance.

Staff e studenti del corso Tecnico Informatica Biomedica della Fondazione ITS A. Volta e team di VisionQub.It

Robot supporting nursing homes staff and guests in their daily needs: Smart Delivery, Telepresence, Guide Me To

The MEMEX consortium (9 partners from 6 countries in Europe)

Helping socially fragile people integrating in the society with storytelling via an Augmented Reality app.

  B.16 (pav. B)


The Immersive Fabroom series blurs the boundaries between reality and the fantastic digital universes imagined by Fabvision and Tiwi

Domenico Daniele Bloisi, Marco Turi, Filippo Muratori, Francesco Pierri

Naovatar project aims at using social humanoid robots to co-assist the human operator in the treatment of autism

Corso ITS Meccatronica per lo Spazio

integrated orientation system to support orientation within the Molinette Hospital of Turin.

Hedya s.r.l.

Playa Libre is an IoT system that help to maximize the user experience at beach and to monitor the coast environment.

  L.1.18 (pav. L)

Gli studenti del corso specialistico di Multimedia Design dellISIA di Pescara, (Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche - parte del comparto AFAM / MUR)

An interactive exhibition about scam that projects visitors in a serious-game that entertains and informs through experiential learning.

ACTOR SRL - Startup of Sapienza University of Rome

An application of Artificial Intelligence for faults detection in textile production.

Marco De Spirito, Giuseppe Maulucci, Cassandra Serantoni, Giada Bianchetti, Alessio Abeltino

A tool for real time and personalized improvement in cardiovascular fitness

  L.T.04 (pav. L)

Ing. Chimenti Umberto, Ing. Schinco Francesco

ReWaBot is a robotic system that provides complete management of a restaurant with virtual menus and kitchen support.

Nao Devils - TU Dortmund, SPQR Team - Sapienza Universit di Roma

Robotic competition among two teams of fully autonomous humanoid robots playing soccer.

  C.A1 (pav. C)

Sapienza Technology & Flight Team

Our two teams design and build prototypes of rovers and drones, our focus is on aerospace, robotics, autonomous flight, and AI.

Alessio Morale

Slammer is an autonomous rover project designed as a learning platform for robotics in general and ROS.


Smart School for Healthier Classrooms allows automated classroom monitoring of the IAQ

Claudio Cagnazzi

Our kit allows you to lift, move and reposition furniture thanks to simple voice commands

Annalisa Santucci, Ottavia Spiga, Adalgisa Sinicropi, Elena Petricci


The Department of Excellence of Biotechnology Chemistry and Pharmacy of Siena University is a brand new Second Cycle Masters Degree in Sustainable Industrial Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (SIPhaB).

The Terranauts (Franco M. Battagello, Michela Mascia, Marco De Vellis, Marco Granati, Ivano Basile, Federica Saponaro, Fulvio Petti)

Data-driven Agritech solution for small-medium grapegrowers. Integrating satellite data, ground sensors and proprietary drones with A.I. and returning predictive knowledge(ware)

Saverio Giulio Malatesta, Laura Leopardi, Paola La Torre, Roberta Manzollino, Paolo Rosati

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