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Giulia Colarieti; Lorena Trebbi - Saperi&co

Material palette of sodium alginate biomaterials

ITS BACT - Istituto Tecnico Superiore per Tecnologie Innovative per i Beni e le Attivit Culturali e il Turismo

Smart Safety on construction and restoration sites IoT, Machine Learning, Solar Power and 5G Technology

Ira Sulejmeni, Cofondatrice - CEO; Emanuele Torrisi, Cofondatore - CIO/CTO; Lorenzo Scarpelli, Cofondatore - CCO

Clearchain is a blockchain based tracking system for agri-food companies to safely track their products and monitor their quality.

Michaela Gallucci

Our novel, wearable glove eliminates the need for a keyboard and assists those with wrist injuries by enabling single-hand typing!

Proskurina Iryna

Exclusive handmade jewelry in Steampunk style from old mechanical watches. Unusual and recycled items from an artist from Ukraine Severodonetsk.

Carmen Ionescu

ITSPHUN is a system which creates 3D objects by interlocking geometric shapes . It has learning , playing and crafting purposes .

  P.04 (pav. P)

Olha Ivchenko

Unique handmade items in natural wool with mixed media technique. Individuality and diversity are the values that humanity appreciates.

Antonio D'Antuono

For your dogs safety and health. Always connected with you even when he is alone at home.

  L.2.04 (pav. L)

Nastia Lopatiuk

a place where devalued things and waste materials reincarnate into one of a kind decorative and functional art pieces.

Mirko Tumbiolo e Simone Fusco - classe V Elettronica - Scuola Superiore E.Breda Salesianisesto

We make your desktop portable: a revolutionary backpack with a wood fiber structure to mount your hardware.


The students of the ITS TAM of Biella have created, in collaboration with the partner company TF 2000 of Masserano, the first outerwear in green and hypoallergenic coupled fabric, which at the end of its life can be compostable, using a latest generation machinery with PUR HOTMELT technology, the most innovative for the coupling of fabrics in terms of efficiency and respect for the environment.

  O.08 (pav. O)

ACTOR SRL - Startup of Sapienza University of Rome

An application of Artificial Intelligence for faults detection in textile production.


Riscarti explore the relationship between culture and waste recycling. The artworks reinsert waste in a new context, giving it new possibilities, to increase a sustainable culture. The installation "Indago Rom@" ( a multi-material composite of images, words and sounds) the artists Pamela Mattana and Fabio Pitotti help us searching the knots in the cosmopolitan ecosystem of the city.


R[3]Circle, the project promoted by ALTAROMA in collaboration with Maker Faire Rome, is back. Sustainable fashion is displayed at the Gazometro from 7 to 9 October.

University of Cagliari, Dept of Electric and Electronic Engineering, MeDSP Lab and DEALAB. University of Florence, Dept of Architecture, Design Section

An advanced sensorized uniform to protect the first responders and monitor their physical conditions and environmental exposure.

  L.T.20 (pav. L)

ITS Turismo e Nuove Tecnologie Marche

Our device will increase the safety measures for the public during an event in order to ensure both the security and the audiences' amusement.


3D printing and sensorized wearables to improve performance and prevent injuries through biomechanical analysis.

29 corsisti del percorso BI.UNIQUE Bags Industry. Under Innovation Quality Excellence - Politecnico di Milano

SPARK@MITA - software of Spatial Augmented Reality as a Key for co-creativity

  O.11 (pav. O)

Elena Pierri, Nader Al Khatib, Sara Muscolo, Ermanno De Giuli, Elena Papetti, Mirko Pacioni

Training activities in a digital key, enriched from time to time by collaborations with educational institutions, universities and companies.

Alessandra Tuseo

Eco-sustainable thermal-phono insulation material, which can be used both in construction and in product design, derived from canine fibres

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